Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a festive wish from art.

We have:

a Pm who struggles to keep awake at work; who just got married and seems to be honeymooning all the bloody time; who shouts Islam Hadhari at every occassion and everywhere as if Malaysia is a the best-est most Islamic country in the whole nebula; who sits all the time on a moral highground ("we must be fair, we will be fair, we must this and that fair"); who, when confronted with an issue would say "I don't know" or "I need a report on that" or "I am establishing a 367-member committee to look into that matter"; who, after the whatever committee has finished their report and make recommendation, will refuse to follow the recommendation; who watches helplessly a damning evidence of our judiciary being desecrated without doing the right thing; a former PM who is still alive and will, hopefully live for another 100 years to see the destruction of every single fabric of our society; a Chief Justice who is so thick that he can't understand what the Common Law is so much so that he wants it to be replaced with Syariah Law; who denies that any of his judges has delayed in writing judgement when a MP shows that his fellow judge has not written judgment in 36 cases right under his (the CJ's) nose; who had to go to the scandinavian countries just to get an idea on how to buy and install some pentium 3 computers in Courts; who says it is sinful not to speak BM in courts; who doesn't even know how to deny a very serious allegation against him in public; a de-facto law minister who is so arrogant and full of shit so mush so that he made an offer of immunity to witnesses under a law which does not exist and blamed his press secretary for his mistake; bloodshed on the roads every festive season; buses and lorries plunging into ravines killing hundreds every now and then and the PM is still waiting for reports; landslide in the most modern city called Putrajaya; police force which do not have any credibility and lacking in any kind of respect from the public at large; a child being kidnapped and abused and tortured and murdered; parents who are so irresponsible and who do not appear to have an inkling on how to take care of their kids and are oblivious to the fact that they are trustees of their kids and have a duty for their safety and well beings; prices of whatever going up and up; public utilities company who announce profits in the billions but then apply to increase the price of whatever utility they are supplying; having to pay taxes while at the same time paying for whatever ameneties which are supposed to be provided by the government by virtue of the very taxes which we are paying; a society which is so obsessed with celebrities weddings and the likes, with Datukship and Tan Sri ship and Tunship; a national football teams which is run by clowns and play like clowns on crack!; a "bolehnaut" who is blasted to te space at a price of 30million USD which is equivalent to about 105 million RM which could buy about 35000 computers for the schools at 3000 RM apiece or 1310 dialysis machines at 80000 apiece or whatever; a government who is cheated to pay 30 million bucks a year for a huge ferris wheel; race and religion inter-relation which is getting worse and worse and which is threatening the very basic foundation of our multi cultural society with the government having not a clue on how to solve it; mega projects worth billions just to show that we could and have the money to buy in tonees of bricks and steel and assemble them into burlesque monuments of nothingness without having the foresight, nor the intelligence to realise that it is our values which stay stagnant and is in dire need of improvement as opposed to the physical appearance of our nation and at the end of the day a country's success is evaluated and dependent upon the ascension of its people to intellectual empowerment, freedom and emancipation; a transport system which is not working; haze all year round without any kind of effective measures taken; children as young as 12 year old running away from homes with the government and parents having absolutely no clue as to the reason let alone as to finding the proper solution; schools full of nutty teachers; universities whose election is filled with government proxies fighting against opposition proxies; people in Mercedes cars jumping ques, throwing rubbish on the roads and hogging the road; stupid malay singers who can't sing for nuts singing in public; useless and senseless reality tv shows; graduates who can;t speak English let alone having the ability to communicate properly; Islamic authorities who gate crash parties and other people's homes and rooms; so called RELA members harassing foreigners including diplomat's wife!; high profile murder cases which are investigated by idiots, prosecuted by idiots, adjudged by idiots, defended by idiots, of course reported by idiots and read by idiots!; discriminatory laws and policies which actually amount to legalised apartheids eschewing egalitarianism and so on and so forth.... in other words friends, we have no hope left!

the only bright spark in an otherwise wholly stupid year is the success of the double heart transplants of that really lovely bright and strong willed chinese girl, Tee Hui Yi by a team of malay specialists (led by a dear friend of mine, Ezani), utilising at first, a heart donated by a malay boy which almost brought some tears to my eyes. God bless you Hui Yi. May you grow up well learnt and live happily.