Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Restoran Yu Ai (Ah Beng Style Review)

If you is liking laksa, tomyam or clear soup with many yummy seafoods, you want come Restoran Yu Ai (Hai! Hai!). They puts lala, muscle, plawn, fishcake and the balls, and some vegetables which you no need it if you no like eat. The restaurant is locating in Segambut near Jalan Ipoh side and housed in a shoplot that functional (means not nice). If lunch time only you go, then you want go early early because if not no place wor. Seereeous. If you is pray to Islam then also you can eat. All colour also eat inside - indian (the fair one also), chinese (the one that no speak Chinese also), melayu (the one that pray one), white man and also big man (not small). It is okay because is only use seafood in bowl. And bowl is cleansing by virgin Malay girl who pray all the time. So is okay. One bowl is something like fifteen ringgit but is worth it cos they filling the bowl to the fullest up. Sometimes, even the fishball also slide off the tops. Ha ha. So funny. Is nice. You go there. Now. Take your family or secret lover also can. But animals cannot. Animals possible shit in your food. Taste not nice after thats. Anyway, go lah. It nice. I show picture below how they cooking. I hope you liking.

Ah Meng cooking before he go for smoking and shitting break

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Rempeyek Rant

I'm not crazy about Malay kuih. But I love rempeyek. If you don't know what it is and haven't put the picture to the title together then, that's exactly what it is. The problem is that good rempeyek is hard to find. By good rempeyek, I mean the flour base should be a light and thin but not too brittle. If thinness has to be sacrificed on the altar of firmness then let it be so. A bit of cumin and what nots should go into give it some spice. Then the peanuts. Their skin should ideally be left on. And ground nuts should be used. Who the hell eats the dhall beans ones? or those with just the peanuts? These are the ones you would often find left forlornly like a lover missing her beloved just after he leaves her, but its a can of rempeyek. With no beloved.

And this is the most important for me. The ultimate deal breaker. I italicized those last words just to show you how severely this feature of the rempeyek affects me. There must be ikan bilis on it. Must. Must. Must. And there must be at least two decent sized ikan bilis on it. Not like one big one and quarter of an arse for the other. Like the picture up there. Some even have three on it. So that's a good example of an excellent rempeyek. By my book anyway.

But this is what gets my goat. So many of these producers of rempeyek usually put one ikan bilis. One. Sometimes I go through like a whole tin of it and there it is. Only one ikan bilis per rempeyek piece (ib/r rate). Why do they do this? I thought it would have thought more effort would have been spent rationing out the ikan bilis per rempeyek than it would have if they just chucked in a bunch each time and let them sort themselves out. Or would it have been so much more cost and effort to add one more ikan bilis to the damn thing.

Don't get me wrong though. The peanuts are also important. But I feel there should be enough ikan bilis to meaningfully blend and mix with them. I feverishly believe that with the right balance of ikan bilis and peanuts with the right flour base of course, a rempeyek would taste simply exquisite. But having said that, I cannot have too many of these at one go because it would make me throw up.