Saturday, August 18, 2007

Road Block

Inspector Kareem stored the last of the orange traffic cones into the back of the pick-up truck which was entirely a deep pensive blue except for the white coloured insignia of the RMPF which sat squarely in the middle of the door on both sides.
Man (pronounced 'Ma'-n), he called out to his partner, Inspector Azmanin. What's the time?
It's seven sixteen, replied Man. How did we do?
Kareem turned to Man and gave him a broad smile. He made the 'good' sign with his right hand for emphasis.
Haha! That's good. Number Three will be happy. It should more than cover dinner, said Man then continued excitedly, which means we have extra left over for after dinner! So how much did we score?
About eighteen thousand.
Wow. That was pretty fast for four hours.
One of the best. It's like real estate. Location, location, location.
They both got in the car. Kareem took the wheel.
So where's dinner supposed to be anyway? asked Kareem as he started the car and pulled it away from the curb.
We're going to some fancy Thai restaurant in Puchong. I forgot the name of it. But I think I know where it is, replied Man. There's a pretty good karaoke joint in that area also. With this kind of haul, we'll sure go after dinner.
Just then a loud searing guitar riff tore through the car.
Your volume is so loud! shouted Kareem over the high wall of sound.
Man silenced it with a press and lifted the phone to his ear.
Dato'. We are on the way. Yes. We did quite well tonight. We... we. Eighteen. Thank you, Dato'. Thank you but it was a team effort Dato'. Yes. I know the way there. Yes, I do. Oh, of course Dato'. Yes, I have the number. Don't worry. I will sort it out, said Man finally before he put away his phone in the compartment in the dashboard of his car.
That was Number Three. I'm making the booking for the karaoke! Told you that would happen, said Man proudly.
One thing good about this Number Three is he is more generous. Especially compared to the last one. At least this one shares with all of us. Don't eat all for himself, Kareem replied.
Yup. Guess we're lucky for now, said Man.

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