Monday, February 18, 2008

talking cock!

Monday February 18, 2008

Khir advises Indians to be self-reliant

BANTING: The Indian community has been advised by Selangor Mentri
Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo to be self-reliant in order to
improve their lot.

He said they should find ways to lift their economic status through
hard work instead of expecting handouts.

"The only way you can change your lives is by your own efforts and not
through others," said Dr Khir in his address at a special programme
organised by the Selangor Vanniar Welfare Association's youth wing.

The programme, entitled The Future of Vanniar Youths under the Barisan
Nasional Government, at the Kuala Langat Industrial Training Institute
near here, was organised to reaffirm the organisation's loyalty to the
ruling coalition.

Dr Khir also congratulated the association's youth for being level
headed and not allowing their emotions to dictate their judgments and

He also narrated to the youths how he had to go from mosque to mosque
for donations to pay his SPM fees during his younger days.

Dr Khir added that this, coupled with the fact that he came from a
poor family which did not even "have enough to eat", had almost made
him shun mainstream society.

Dr Khir urged Indian youths to prevent themselves from being cut off
from mainstream society when faced with trials and tribulations.

He urged them to instead find ways and solutions to overcome their problems.

"The Selangor Government has done its part to help by allocating seats
for Indian youths who had not done well in school to undergo
industrial training," he said.

Hmmm...nice one Khir Toyo. Very nice. Now, why don't you go and tell the Malays to be self reliant. No. Don't tell the Malays in the kampungs, the farmers, padi planters, rubber tappers. They are already self reliant in case you have not noticed. GO AND FREAKING TELL ALL THE MALAY BUSINESSMEN WITH BIG PLANS, BIG CARS, BIG BANK ACCOUNTS, BIG EGO ETC TO BE SELF RELIANT!!! Go And don't you give me that stupid sob stories of you having to go from mosque to mosque for donations to pay your SPM fees. In the first place, you WERE NOT self reliant. Otherwise you wouldn't have done so. So you are not fit to give the advise that you had so readily given. Secondly, it is not you ALONE who have to do so my dear Menteri Besar with the glowing red cheek and nice luscious lips (can I kiss your lips?). Many people have to do that. Why? Because the government has failed. That's why!

Self reliant indeed! Do you know what it means in the first place? Self reliant my fucking ass!

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the Anomaly said...

Art you forgot to mention his pert nose, identically matching with his wife's nose .... Gone are the days when husband and wife are preoccuppied with matching baju melayu and baju kurung. Now they have to worry about whether their nose match each other....