Wednesday, April 15, 2009


was walking along Lonely Lane
saw venus north of the sky
smiling and shining ever so bright
heard the owl laughing loudly
hey nightghost what’s so funny
guitarman , you are the funny one
venus ain’t smiling she’s grinning
ask the sun he’ll tell ya…

the water rippled in the River Faith
thought the sun was rising early
but it was just the water boiling hot
saw the moon she was crying
at a base of a tree a squirrel somersaulted
the owl flew above my head
seek the sun coz he knows all
he shines on both venus and the moon

as i turned to Hurtful Avenue
i saw a thousand souls
making calls on their cell phones
the joke is on you guitarman
and the sun ain’t gonna tell ya…



Zaly said...

Don't know 'bout guitarman, but Jokerman's sitting in a Holiday Inn laundromat in sunny Juarez reading your blogs, bro. My ass is still intact so life is still worth living. hahaha!

art harun said...

Huahahaha Meheeeco Man :)

Wish you well Bro. Glad to know everything is still at their rightful place and working too. Take care my man.

Zaly said...

There are more Federal troopers and soldiers here than at an impromptu Pakatan rally. Makes one feel real safe.

art harun said...


Like you, I too feel really safe in KL. You should see 'em with their machine guns on our streets! And yet, quite strangely, the Chow Kit base was closed because it was becoming to dangerous for them. Like duh?

That's Dali-nesque, no?