Saturday, October 4, 2008

in one short sentence...

Akademi Fantasia
The musical version of UMNO election.

Dr Mahathir (when he was the PM)

Dr Mahathir (present)
Nasty bastard.

What exactly the fuck are you doing to yourself?

UMNO election
The political version of Akademi Fantasia.

Toll roads/PLUS highways/MRR2

Fucking fraud!

Maybank's acquisition of the Indon bank.
Somebody is laughing to the bank.

The Apprentice
Najib Razak.

Malaysian Football Team
A sporting version of UMNO election.

Windfall tax's abolishment.
Somebody is laughing to the bank.

Abdullah Ahmad
A mistake.

Anwar Ibrahim
Long foreplay inducing ejaculation in the pants.


Malaysian Judiciary Appointment/Elevation/Promotion
A judicial version of UMNO election.

4th Floor Boys
Penis ring.

Fasha Sanda
Viagra in motion.

Hari Raya dramas on TV
The Malaysian economy.

Proposed 700 billion bailout
Danaharta without Azman Yahya.

Proton and Volkswagen
A corporate version of UMNO election.

Buka puasa buffets

Buka puasa buffet at Shang-ri La
Fucking pigs!

Chua Soi Lek
A porn version of UMNO election.

Fasha Sanda

Pink Floyd
Fucking Fasha Sanda.

September 16th
Fasha Sanda dating me.

Jeko doughnuts
Get the insulin ready.

Men/women/boys/girls using laptops at Starbucks/Coffee Beans etc.
What exactly the fuck are you doing with your life?

Navel Gazing
Fasha Sanda.


Daef said...

Art Harun.
Brilliant, funny and cool but not Fasha Sanda.

ajipp said...


i luv fasha sandha

donplaypuks® said...


Swansong - $650 million contract for Eurocopter. Has some croney been quietly awarded a handsome OSA contract for 'admin facilitation and maintenance' like that for scorpene submarines? Kickdefela thinks so!!

Maybank - full bill is $8.3 bil, Maybank has only completeed part 1 - $4 bil. Are 4th floor boys involved in inflating purchase price. Remember RPK's expose on sale of Telekom shares to S'pore and who is alleged to have made $80 mil in gaji buta commissions? The S'pore connection again?

Hari raya bash at PWTC - 200,000 @ say $10 per pax = $2 mil. Who foots the bill and tat's only 1 blowout. Add all the other 'open houses'.

art harun said...

Uiyo Bro, it's too soon after raya for you to say all these. I am puking all my ketupat and rendang now...

The Maybank deal dosn't end there Bro. They apparently had some kuey teow discount thrpwn in by Temasik. And they paid like 4.5 time premium. That's not all Bro. Soon they will find out that they had to writedown all the Indon bank's property portfolio to market value (my sauces say it could be around 35% writedown) and they will mampus kudasey! Everybody knows Indon property portfolio is almost the long lost Siamese twin to the much beloved (until last year of course) US's sub-prime portfolio. The only diffrence is that in Indon, even the PRIME ones are suspect!
So, you get discount 500million. Paid 4 billion. Writedown 5 gazellion rupiah. Waaaaah, that's not very Fasha Sanda Bro.

Deux Anges said...

[quote]September 16th
Fasha Sanda dating me.

Oooi! September 16th is my birthday.


Ryn said...

No, not Fasha Sandha