Thursday, November 20, 2008

Memali - a democracy in rubbles

“In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organised robbery?”: Saint Agustine

Date: November 1985.

Place: Malaysia.

The Prime Minister was Mahathir Mohamad. Musa Hitam was the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister.

Malaysia was going through a bad recession. The price of its 2 main natural resources, tin and rubber, was at rock bottom. The Mahathir-induced “look east policy” was not working to Malaysia’s advantage. All it managed to do was to invite Japanese and South Korean contractors to undertake massive development works such as the then ground breaking Dayabumi project. Little else was being achieved from the policy apart from the mushrooming of Japanese restaurants around town. “Privatisation” and “sogo sosha” were the in-words at this time. On the other hand, the policy only managed to isolate Malaysia from its customary ally, the Great Britain and consequently, the United States.

Economically, Malaysia was struggling. Nothing was happening. Graduates, local and from abroad, were finding it hard to find jobs. In order to help the graduates, a “graduates scheme” was implemented where graduates were assigned jobs as clerks and junior executives in the civil service and government agencies circa 1986. Things were bleak.

Mahathir Mohamad had managed to consolidate his power base by winning the general election in 1982 after a “power transition” - which UMNO is so well known for – from Tun Hussein Onn. He appointed Musa Hitam as Deputy Prime Minister, a pairing that was so glorified as the “MM” leadership. Both of them were even presented with a motor bike each bearing registration number MM 1 and MM 2 respectively. It looked like a pairing made in heaven. Although history would later show that Mahathir Mohamad’s political marriages would never stand the test of time, for various reasons which could only best be described as Mahathir-esque.

Elsewhere, something earth shaking and of more sinister nature, was brewing. In 1979, the Shah of Iran left Iran under cover of darkness leaving Shapour Bakhtiar, his Prime Minister, to fend off the Islamic fundamentalist with the help of the Supreme Army Councils. The exiled Ayatollah Khomeini - whose preaching and sermons were smuggled into Iran in cassettes tapes – came back to Iran on February 1 1979. On April Fool’s day that year, after a referendum in which only one choice was offered - Islamic Republic: yes or no – saw a landslide vote for the Islamic Republic, Khomeini declared Iran as an Islamic Republic with a brand new constitution. The Iranian Revolution was thus complete.

Nobody in Malaysia - not even Mahathir Mohamad - gave 2 sens to the Iranian Revolution and the effect it would have on the world in general and on Malaysia specifically. The truth was that the Iranian Revolution would be the catalyst for Islamist revivalism all around the world. Soon, its effect swept throughout the world, the wind of Islamist revivalism sweeping east through India, Afghanistan going downwards towards Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. To the west, it blew through Turkey, Europe and crossed the big pond to the United States of America without even being noticed nor realised.

In Malaysia, the Islamist revivalism saw the Islamist party, PAS, going on a fundamentalist rampage throughout Malaysia. This coincided with the return to Malaysia of firebrand such as Ustaz Abdul Hadi Awang, who would soon climb PAS’ power hierarchy on fundamentalist ticket. In the early 80s, PAS, taking advantage of the Islamist revivalism elsewhere throughout the world and with Iran as the central catalyst, embarked on a series of political assaults against UMNO and the Barisan government in such intensity as yet unseen.

In short, PAS’ agenda was to equate UMNO and Barisan Nasional with infidelity and a vote for UMNO or BN was a vote against Islam. Those who did that would be the enemy of Islam and would consequently go to hell. It was a simple message. It was as basic as it comes. The mass media referred to this propaganda as the “kafir-mengkafir” (branding people as infidel) issue. The infamous “Amanat Hadi Awang” ( Hadi Awang’s Decree) was laid by Hadi Awang in 1981.[i] Loosely translated, Hadi decreed:

My brothers, believe me. We oppose UMNO not because its name is UMNO, we oppose the Barisan Nasional not because its name is Barisan Nasional. We oppose them because they continue with the Constitution of the colonial, continue with the regulations of the infidel, continue with the regulations of the ignorant. Because of that we struggle to fight them. Believe me brothers, our struggle is a divine struggle (jihad). Our speech is jihad, our donation is jihad and because we struggle against these groups, if we die in our fights, our death is martyrdom, our death is an Islamic death. We do not have to join the Jews, we do not have to profess Christianity, we do not have to profess Hinduism, we do not have to profess Buddhism, but we will be infidels if we say politic is a quarter and religion is a quarter.”

Hadi Awang was, and still is, a brilliant and fiery orator. His was a potent mixture of oratorical skills and political savvy-ness unashamedly laced with religious fervour. His audience were the farmers, the padi planters, the young Malay in the rural areas, the young impressionable university students and those who were unknowingly caught and swept away by Islamist revivalism. In other words, he appealed to the poor non-urbanites as well as the impressionable intellect who were tired of the Barisan Nasional’s policies and were looking for alternatives.

The Barisan Nasional, under Mahathir Mohamad, did not lack leadership. However, Mahathir was too much of a leader as much as he was a listener. Polemic was a dirty word. Dissent, political or otherwise, was even a dirtier word. As a result, it was a government which lacked any kind of intellectual input. It was a government which lacked any kind of opposite ideas which would provide the impetus for any counter-reactive steps when faced with political assaults based on rural popularism. Thus, the Mahathir led government was at a loss on how to counter PAS in general and Hadi Awang in particular. The effect of the Islamist revivalism caused by the Iranian revolution was slowly, but very surely, sweeping the nation under Mahathir’s nose without him even sniffing it!

The government tried to counter the sudden revival of Islam by portraying itself as an Islamist government. The Barisan Nasional’s or more specifically, UMNO’s brand of Islam saw the emergence of the various Islamic authorities, Islamic school, Islamic attire and a more Islamic oriented civil service. Thus, where there were no female students wearing a tudung in school in 1979, the tudung became almost an identifying factor in the early 80’s. Efforts were made to show that UMNO was in fact a more Islamic party than PAS. And UMNO’s Islam is a better Islam than PAS’ Islam. That was the agenda.

However, the government’s efforts to “Islamise” the country as a counter-reaction to PAS’ populist political assaults has just resulted in PAS gaining more and more momentum in their political assaults. In Kedah for example, a village would have 2 mosques, one for UMNO’s supporters and another for PAS supporters. Families broke up just because the father was a PAS supporter and the son was an UMNO supporter. Marriage could not take place because the bride to be comes from an “UMNO family” and the groom comes from a “PAS family”. PAS supporters don’t attend a khenduri by an UMNO supporter and vice versa. Even the dead would not be prayed for by PAS supporters if he or she was an UMNO supporter! These were the scenes at the height of the kafir-mengkafir controversy.

In the universities, the full force of the Islamist revivalism, which translated itself into a war of political idealism slowly seeped into student politics. As a student who was active in student politics in the University of Malaya in the early 80’s, I went through hellish moments and countless confrontations with students who leaned more towards the PAS political ideologies. (There is no doubt that the development in the student movements, both locally and abroad, in the 80’s laid the premise for the current political climate in our country. I don’t think this is realised by the powers that be).

Hadi Awang and the PAS agenda were therefore left largely unchecked. On the social front, Islamist organisations, such as Al-Arqam, were gaining momentum, recruiting not only rural Malay folks but also young Malay intellects as members. The Mahathir led government was at a loss to deal with this sudden rise of a concept which was almost alien to this country. Suddenly, wearing a skirt was deemed anti-social in Malaysia. Going to work or school without a tudung was deemed immoral in Malaysia.

Memali was a sleepy little village near Baling, Kedah. Surrounded by rubber smallholdings, the villagers were mainly rubber tappers, odd jobbers and farmers. These were among the forgotten people of Malaysia. Ensconced within an impoverish surroundings, these were people who had never seen development. The benefits, if any, of the New Economics Policy only spread within a small circle of the Malay elites and the people of Memali were too far away from even the edge of that circle. They were the modern proletarians whose only concern was to find enough to eat and to survive on day in day out.

When hope was not a part of life, what else was there to look forward to, other than to hope for the best in the after world? In death, if one could go to heaven; bath in rivers of milk and surrounded by virgin nymphs, what wouldn’t one give to ensure such heavenly achievements? Thus it came as no surprise that PAS’ ideologies, encapsulated by Hadi Awang’s decree, won the hearts of the people of Memali. UMNO after all was the antithesis of life in Memali. UMNO was rich. UMNO was in the big towns. And of course, UMNO was infidel! And we fight them, we are on a divine struggle. And if we die, we are martyrs.

Ibrahim Mahmud was a graduate of the University of Tripoli (thus was his nick name, Ibrahim Libya). He also studied in Al-Azhar. When he came back, he even made some appearances on national television. But back in Memali he was an orator in the Hadi Awang’s mould. Fiery, enthralling, charismatic and full of religious fervour. Obviously, he jumped onto Hadi Awang’s martyrdom formula to gain his political mileage. And in Memali, where life was hard and mired in hopelessness, heavenly promises would be the only hope left. The people of Memali embraced the call for jihad and Ibrahim Mahmud aka Ibrahim Libya became a religious leader for whom the Memali people were ready to die in order to protect him from the neo-colonialist-imperialist-infidel UMNO led government.

The Mahathir led government meanwhile had no clue on how to deal with the likes of Ibrahim Libya. It branded him a criminal and set out to arrest him and detain him under the ISA. Just how various attempts to arrest and detain him failed is beyond my comprehension as the government has on numerous occasions shown that when it wanted to arrest or suppress the people, it would somehow succeed. On the 19th November 1985, after Subuh prayers (morning prayers), the police surrounded Ibrahim’s madrasah. When attempts to arrest him failed, the police fired guns and killed 14 villagers, including women and old folks. Most of them were rubber tappers, farmers and oddjobbers who were armed with parangs, spears and one or two hand guns. Four policemen also perished.

Memali is proof that the New Economic Policy doesn’t benefit the forgotten people of Malaysia. It is testimony that the politics of hatred, much more when the hatred is based on religious differences, would soon terminate in a colossal debacle. Memali is also about a government which had lost its plot, which had no idea how to deal with oppositions in a proper and democratic manner, in an area where it lacked clear ideals and plans. Never in the history of independent Malaysia has the might of physical power been so nonchalantly and casually executed on the helpless and weak. At the very least, the usage of brute power against the villagers was reckless, if not downright wrongful and illegal.

In true Mahathir fashion, Mahathir Mohamad sometimes later insinuated that he was not responsible for the Memali incident as he was abroad on 19th November 1985, when it happened. That also insinuated that Musa Hitam was responsible as he was then the Acting Prime Minsiter and Home Minister. Whatever it was, it was during the administration of the Barisan Nasional government, of which UMNO was the leading party, that the incident happened.

What does Ketuanan Melayu mean to the people of Memali, then and even now? What does the New Economics Policy mean to the people of Memali, then and even now? If the Judges who were wrongfully sacked and suspended by the Mahathir regime in 1988 could be paid a total of 10 million ringgit, perhaps the Memali people deserve even more.

Mahathir Mohamad. Musa Hitam. And the whole cabinet in 1985. Please visit Memali and feel the pain of the forgotten people of Malaysia. And if the Memali incident does not tickle even the edge of your conscience, you are perhaps a lesser human than you think you are.

Al-Fatihah to those who died in Memali on 19th November 1985.

[i] Saudara-saudara sekalian, Percayalah! Kita menentang UMNO bukan kerana nama dia UMNO, kita menentang Barisan Nasional, bukan kerana nama Barisan Nasional. Kita menentang dia kerana dia mengekalkan Perlembagaan penjajah, mengekalkan peraturan kafir, mengekalkan peraturan jahiliah. Oleh kerana itulah kita berjuang melawan mereka. Percayalah saudara, perjuangan kita adalah jihad, Ucapan kita adalah jihad, derma kita adalah jihad dan kerana kita berjuang dengan puak-puak ini, kalau kita mati kerana berlawan ini, mati kita adalah mati syahid, mati kita adalah mati Islam. Kita tidak payah masuk Yahudi, kita tidak payah masuk Kristian, kita tidak payah masuk Hindu, kita tidak payah masuk Buddha, tetapi kita menjadi kafir dengan mengatakan politik suku agama suku.” : Haji Hadi Awang, 1981.


Nanda said...

Thank you for this piece sir.

Mr. Smith said...

Though I am not a Muslim, I felt for the people who were mercilessly killed on that fateful day. It was a cruel assault on some poor helpless and harmless kampong folks.
What surprised me was, by and large most Malays went about nonchalantly with their daily affairs without a thought to this cold blooded murder. Their support for UMNO was intact.
But I believe the sins of these killers will be carried by them and their children and their children's children.

cakapaje said...


Yes, I was one of the guilty party who did not give the news on Memali much notice back then. I offer no excuse, just regrets that I was such a fool to do so. Though some parts of your entry maybe arguable, I nonetheless, thank you for it. Permit me to link this entry to my posting, though I am not a serious blogger. Again, thank you. Jzkk.

cakapaje said...

Btw, several bloggers are having an informal meet at Restaurant Asam Pedas, The Curve, this Nov29. Many you may already know such Harris, YB Khalid Samad, Sheih Kickdefella, and other minnows like yours truly. Kindly note however, of the names mentioned, only YB Khalid has confirmed.

This meet, as mentioned, is informal and both sides of the divide will be there, insyAllah. For further info, please look up my first entry for the month of November.

Antares said...

Thanks for remembering when so many of us would rather forget this despicable massacre instigated by Malaysia's own Mugabe. News of the Memali debacle reached us only via the MSM - so it was filtered through Umno's perspective. This makes your recounting all the more poignant and valuable. The lesson to be learned from this: Hadi Awang is much older now and, hopefully, a great deal mellower. If Ibrahim Libya had lived, he might well have become more sagely and less militant. When people are hungry their views tend to be more extreme.

faruqi13 said...

Thanks a lot for posting this. Reveal all their sins.

alrawa said...

The bullet holes on the house(I visited the place) made me wonder what kind of training the police personnel had.
The PDRM were stupid then and more stupid now.

Anonymous said...

When Mahathir wants to do something nasty, he will instruct his deputy to carry it out just before he goes overseas. Then say he is not involved, clever fler.

Anonymous said...

The rules have not changed now in November 2008. We will see history repeats itself. Why do we allow such intimidation and oppression? Are we not among the dwellers in this country? Are we not people to have the right of humans? Come upon a day, when the cord of our patience and dignity and integrity and conscience being snapped by UMNO's shameful sweat-and-blood-money siphons, we will see an uprising, and this uprising will be unforgiving, for there is no place for over-the-limit UMNOs. We toiled and struggled, up to today, worked day and night, taxes imposed and taken to? UMNO's leaders expenses and rich and famous lifestyle?

Drachen said...

The Japs are not going to hand over hard-earned technology just because we bodek them! So much for the Look-East Policy.

tmf said...

Yes, I remember posters of Ayatollah appeared everywhere in the campus then.

Not only were the people in Memali mercilessly assulted, what followed was a series of propaganda portraying the villagers as possesed and turned violent against the police force.

Strange that the people in Kedah still voted in the cruel government for years after.

Azer Mantessa said...

This is a very good posting. TQ.

"Al-Fatihah to those who died in Memali on 19th November 1985."


Ah Chin said...

It still boggles my mind why there are still so many star-struck people, especially those in UMNO, who continue to look upon Mahathir as a hero. Some even go to the point of deifying him. Ok, he was the PM for 22 years and is still a man of sharp intellect despite his age. But can't they see his motives when he gets on his tired hobby horse of Malay rights and Malay supremacy? Can't they detach themselves from him a bit and look objectively at the many ills, rampant corruption, judicial inteference, cronyism and nepotism among them, in this country which are the results of his 22 years of rule? Mahathirism is very much alive at the moment, so much so that even the very big wigs in UMNO still find it expedient to suck up to him. How sad! How ridiculous!

Pratamad said...

Thanks for a great post and bringing remembrance to those perished.

To Ah Chin: UMNO is no longer a political party with idealism for people, but a bunch of contract-seeking, selfish minority, who many a times rely on corruption for their motive. They simply click well with Mahathir.

simcatfish said...

I am a Chinese kampong boy near to Memali,my grandfather's land let the Malays to set up their houses without any agreements,I use to enjoy lunch,dinner at Malay kampongs,this is what I truely beleive we can come2gether to made M'sia proud if our leader does not play the racial cards.

I use to go back to my beloved kampong,meet all the peoples around,sad to mentions,the influence of politics have tear them aparts,my Malays schoolmate still at the kampong use to told me that,the comminng generation will appreciate what we value as a M'sians.So we have a solution to this;a new govt.

Anonymous said...


For photo, see:

No candles? No problem:

1. Get a papercup.
2. Get a torchlight.
3. Use a pin or needle to poke holes into the paper cup.
4. Tape the papercup to the top of the torchlight with some duct or cellophane tape.
5. Done.

If you're taking LRT to get to the Anti-ISA Vigil at MBPJ (Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya), get off at Asia Jaya Putra LRT station. If you know the walking route, you can take a 15 minute walk to MBPJ. Otherwise, you can catch the T629 RapidKL shuttle bus which will pass Jalan Yong Shook Lin, where the MBPJ is situated. Just ask the bus driver to stop you at MBPJ.

Alternatively, if you know the walking route, you can stop at the Taman Jaya Putra LRT station and take a 15 minute walk to MBPJ.

MBPJ address:
Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya,
Jalan Yong Shook Lin,
46675 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
General Phone line: 79563544

Map of Petaling Jaya:

God bless and stay safe. See you all there!


Jahamy said...

You wrote: "There is no doubt that the development in the student movements, both locally and abroad, in the 80’s laid the premise for the current political climate in our country. I don’t think this is realised by the powers that be)." I totally agree and I used to wonder for years why the pwoers that be never realised it. I could see it as a student in UKM even then.

Good piece you have written. Al-Fatihah,


Peter said...

Good news everyone. From now on, town councils will be accountable to residents!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is a crook and a criminal. He'll receive his deserved punishment, whether in his short remaining days or in his after-life. No redemption whatsoever. Never.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

If you and your team members are free this Nov29, do join a number of bloggers for a meet at The Terrace, The Curve, lunchtime onwards. Some 20-30 bloggers will be there. For further info and updates, please visit my blog.

Kris said...

Good piece Art. The incident had burned itself into the collective psyche of Malaysia but like most things here, many never realised that the reasons, maneouverings and manipulations that both led to such incidents and the cover ups that followed.

We had a PM who used the very tools of office we, a democracy, empowered him, with to use and abuse against us. And we did it for almost a quarter of a century. Such stupidity, such apathy. We are awakening from our slumber and stupor fortunately, but we must never ever forget the lessons of history. And make the same mistakes again....

Anonymous said...

I saw it coming - not Memali per se - but the fight between the Government version of Islam with the fundamentalists.

I saw the 'mullah' of the High Comm got blown away in a debate with the IRC. Naturally various Malaysian students were visited by the SB a few days later. Mind you this was in the UK! Later we learnt that there was a mole in the campus.

Back to Memali. Sad and avoidable. Got to wait for Datuk Musa's memoirs to hear his side.

May their souls rest in eternal peace.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping that someone, somehow would make this event a documentary such as that of "10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka" (10 Years Before Independence), so that the young generation would be aware of this, and not be left out of the history of Malaysia.

Amri said...

Funny. A preacher stokes hatred and a willingness to die attitude, yet only one side is to be blamed? Where's the personal responsibility aspect in this story, I wonder.

Hasbullah said...

Assalamualaikum Amri,

I wonder what's wrong with teaching about hatred to those who opposed and act against the true Islamic life. And to teach the willingness to die the Fisabilillah way.

So the correct way to handle them is by mass shooting and kill 'em all?

May Allah blessed us with His hidayah and guide us to the Siratul Mustaqim. InsyaAllah.

art harun said...

Salam Encik Hasbullah,

In my humble opinion, hatred does not bring us anywhere at all. Even the Quran asks the Prophet (peace be upon him) and all of us to preach softly and gently, not in a forceful manner. And if they choose not to follow, we should just let them be, unless they threaten us.

On the other side of the fence, killing the poor and helpless villagers was an act of cowardice and pure incompetence. I think they know it and let their guilt eat them up.

Wan Solehah al-Halbani said...


Ibrahim Libya mengatakan bahawa Malaysia adalah sebuah negara kafir dan ianya tidak boleh ditaati dan dipatuhi. Itu sahaja. Beliau belumpun berkesempatan untuk menyeru umat Islam supaya bangkit untuk memberontak dgn Jihad dan Perang terhadap kerajaan UMNO yang kafir ini.

Beliau keengganan untuk menyerah diri kepada polis kerana beliau tidak bersalah. UMNO dan kerajaan UMNO yang kafir, zalim dan fasik inilah yang bersalah.

Namun sikap dan tindakan-tindakan beliau yang tidak mahu berkompromi dan sifat berkonfrantasi beliau terhadap kerajaan UMNO adalah amat mengancam dan membimbangkan kerajaan UMNO. Akhirnya beliau dan para pengikut beliau dibunuh dgn kejam sekali.

Kerajaan UMNO adalah kerajaan yang kafir kerana fasal-fasal 43, 44 dan 161 dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia adalah kafir. Bila Ibrahim LIbya mengatakan kerajaan UMNO adalah kerajaan yang kafir, UMNO langsung tidak boleh menjawabnya. Kekafiran UMNO di sisi al-Quran adalah satu realiti yang tidak boleh disangkal lagi mengikut Perlembagaan Malaysia kita.

Ibrahim Libya mengeluarkan dirinya dan para pengikut beliau dpd PAS dan dpd sistem politik demokrasi yang kafir. Beliau berjuang di luar dpd demokrasi. Sikap beliau yang keras, tegas dan tanpa berkompromi dalam menolak dan mengingkari demokrasi dan kerajaan demokrasi serta beliau memusuhi dan membeci demokrasi adalah bersesuaian dan selaras dgn metod Islam yang bersumberkan al-Quran, Sunnah dan Sirah. Inilah sikap yang radikal dan revolusyeneri yang amat membimbangkan UMNO.

Sebaliknya, PAS yang berjuang melalui proses demokrasi dgn mengamalkan sistem politik demokrasi, adalah kafir!

Tugas setiap umat Islam adalah untuk menghapuskan kerajaan manusia dan untuk digantikannya dgn sebuah kerajaan Allah melalui Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi. Bukan melalui demokrasi.

Akan bangkit para pengganti kepada Ibrahim Libya silih berganti nanti di bumi Malaysia kita ini dan peristiwa Memali akan berulang lagi dgn izin Allah! Apabila 10 lagi peristiwa Memali berulang, itulah tandanya akan bermulanya Revolusi Islam secara menyeluruh dan total di Malaysia kita ini dan seterusnya ianya yang akan merebak ke seluruh Nusantara nanti!

Inilah cara dan jalan yang betul dalam mengoperasikan sesuatu perjuangan Islam mengikut jalan al-Quran, Sunnah dan Sirah.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Wan SOlehah al-Halbani

Temerloh, PAHANG DM

Paiso Awang Zari said...


Peristiwa berdarah di Memali adalah faktor Islamic radicalism bukan ekonomi dan kemiskinan. Islamic radicalism mempunyai dua unsur yang penting :

1. Penolakan Total terhada p segala yang selain dpd Islam;

2. Berpegang teguh kpd Islam.

Ibrahim Libya dan para pengikut beliau adalah satu Pergerakan Islam yang radikal dan revolusyeneri yang menolak demokrasi dan seluruh sistem kehidupan Jahiliyah. Beliau mengeluarkan dirinya dan seluruh masyarakat Islam di bawah pimpinannya dpd demokrasi dan sebarang parti politik demokrasi dan beliau berjuang mengikut jalan al-Quran, Sunnah dan Sirah.

Demokrasi adalah agama yang kafir. Fasal-fasal 4, 43, 44 dan 161 di dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia menjadikan Perlembagaan Malaysia dan Negara Malaysia kita ini sebagai perlembagaan dan negara yang kafir. Beliau berpendapat seandainya kita mengamalkan sistem politik demokrasi yang kafir, itu bererti bahawa kita telah mengamalkan agama yang kafir yang mengeluarkan kita dpd agama Allah, dan sememangnya Allah melarang kita dpd mengamalkannya, malah Allah memperingati kita bahawa sesiapa yang mengamalkannya , dia adalah seseorang yang merancang untuk melakukan kejahatan yang akan dihumban ke dalam neraka di Akhirat nanti (Fatir 10).

Sikap Pergerakan Islam Memali pimpinan Ibrahim Libya terhadap demokrasi dan seluruh sistem kehidupan demokrasi adalah seperti berikut :

1. Mengisytiharkan kekufuran demokrasi dan sistem kehidupan demokrasi;

2. Tidak mengamalkan sistem politik demokrasi;

3. Mengeluarkan Pergerakan Islam Memali dpd sistem politik demokrasi;

4. Memisah dan mengasing Pergeraka Islam dpd sistem politik demokrasi;

5. Menafi, menolak, mengingkari dan menentang kerajaan demokrasi;

6. Mengkufur ingkarkan demokrasi dan kerajaan demokrasi;

7. Memusuhi dan membenci demokrasi, kerajaan demokrasi dan sistem kehidupan demokrasi;

8. Tidak wujud sebarang kompromi walaupun sedikit dengan demokrasi, kerajaan demokrasi dan sistem kehidupan demokrasi;

9. Melancarkan sikap dan tindakan-tindakan konfrantasi terbuka terhadap demokrasi dan kerajaan demokrasi.

Sikap dan tindakan-tindakan seperti ini akan membawa kpd Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi . Inilah Metod Islam dpd Allah dan Rasul-Nya untuk mencapai dua matlamat yang Maha Agung :

1. Menghapuskan kerajaan demokrasi yang kafir;

2. Menegakkan kerajaan Islam.
Ibrahim Libya mati syahid dibunuh oleh kerajaan UMNO yang kafir.

Pengaruhnya, perjuangannya dan Metod Perjuangannya sekali-kali tidak mati, ianya tetap kekal abadi - yang mati hanyalah jasadnya. Di dalam kuburnya Ibrahim kini masih kuat mencabar kufur dan kerajaan kufur di bumi kita ini. Di dalam kuburnya itu, beliau tetap akan mencabar kufur buat selama-lamanya yang akhirnya akan membawa kpd Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi. Allahu Akabar!

Sekian, terima kasih.

Paiso Awang Zari

insidewinme said...

Hari ini kaum Muslimin berada dalam situasi di mana aturan-aturan kafir sedang diterapkan. Maka realitas tanah-tanah Muslim saat ini adalah sebagaimana Rasulullah Saw. di Makkah sebelum Negara Islam didirikan di Madinah. Oleh karena itu, dalam rangka bekerja untuk pendirian Negara Islam, kelompok ini perlu mengikuti contoh yang terbangun di dalam Sirah. Dalam memeriksa periode Mekkah, hingga pendirian Negara Islam di Madinah, kita melihat bahwa RasulAllah Saw. melalui beberapa tahap spesifik dan jelas dan mengerjakan beberapa aksi spesifik dalam tahap-tahap itu