Saturday, November 8, 2008

RPK's Release: A Tapestry of Thoughts and Emotions


After having a "super kow" Nescafe tarik at the Pelita restaurant near the Shah Alam Court, I drove back to my office in Kuala Lumpur for a lunch appointment.  RPK was ordered to be released about an hour before.  I was elated. I was emotionally drained. I was satisfied.

The scale of what Imtiaz, myself and the battery of lawyers involved in the RPK's habeas corpus application had managed to achieve had however yet  to fully sink in. On the Federal Highway, I received calls after calls and text message after text message. News traveled fast in these days and age. Barely 45 minutes after the order was made, for example, an old schoolmate of mine called from Kedah to congratulate me. He said he saw the news on TV.

I was pumped up with adrenalin. I was oblivious to  whatever things which were happening around me. The slow Friday crawl on the Federal Highway gave me time to really ponder and reflect at what had just happened in Court that morning. But the main feeling was one of disbelief.

It was when the coffee lady was serving me coffee in my office that the full magnitude of it all began to sink in. The whole office had known of the RPK case was won earlier. In-house e-mails were sent to everyone in the firm as soon as my secretary received the news from me. I took a sip of the hot coffee. The coffee lady stood there, not leaving my office as she would usually do after putting my obligatory mug of coffee on my desk. I looked at her. She smiled.

"Boss, you menang itu Botak punya kes ah?", she asked.

Before I could answer, she followed up, "saya tadak tau Boss buat itu kes. Itu Botak sekarang sudah keluar ah? Itu macam bagus ah..."

The "Botak" was of course RPK. There she was, a coffee lady, who could barely speak Malay or English, whose function in my office was to serve all of us coffee, twice a day, expressing her happiness that the "Botak's" case had been won!

I said, "ya, itu Botak nanti petang mau keluar".

She smiled and walked towards the door. Almost thankful to me. Almost grateful to me for making her day.

At that moment, it all sank in.


Raja Petra Kamaruddin aka RPK.

I did not know him. Although I knew of him, by virtue of the fact that his web site, MalaysiaToday, is a site I visit everyday. Neither have I ever met him. Before yesterday (7th November 2008), that is.

I received news about the policemen visiting him at his house to pick him up under the ISA rather early. It was around 12.30pm. I called up Harris but his mobile was not turned on. So, I called up Imtiaz.

Imtiaz confirmed the news and told me that Harris was either on his way to RPK's house or already there. The feeling that I had then was one of disbelief. And that feeling  quickly transformed into one of anger. If a government had to resort to a detention without trial in order to "protect the country from a security threat" caused by all but ONE person, than that government does not deserve to govern. It was a blatant abuse and misuse of power. An abuse which was reflective of the government's inability - or unwillingness? - to engage the people in connection with every grievance which the people had. An abuse which was reflective of a governmental mindset that did not respect criticisms; did not listen to the voice of its own soul, ie, the people which it sets out to govern; did not give 2 sen to the people's rights and freedom. An abuse which was vile. And depraved.

I quickly told Imtiaz that he could consider me to be on board with whatever legal maneuvers which were deemed necessary to procure a quick release of RPK.


Marina Lee was like a Goddess. She would stand outside the Court, holding the hand of her two daughters; hugging and shaking the hands of RPK's supporters and well wishers; smiling to the crowd and answering questions from the reporters with a degree of calmness that belied the enormity of the situation.

After the hearing in the morning of  22.10.2008, she was waiting for me at the lobby of the Court. I have been introduced to her at Imtiaz's office the week before. And I had, by then, grown to be accustomed with her poise, her calmness and her patience. She was a towering lady of steely nerve. As I came down the stairs of the Court lobby, she came to me. She held my hand and looked me into the eyes and said, "can I give you a hug?" I said "of course".

She stepped forward and gave me one of the most memorable hugs I would ever have. She held me for some time and said, "thank you". At that moment I suddenly felt the pressure and the weight of the task that has been thrust on me, Imtiaz and the whole team. I felt proud. I felt sad. All at the same time. And deep down in me I was asking myself, "what would I do if we lose the case?"

I did not think I would have the heart to face Marina in that situation.

Yesterday, (7.11.208), I had a drink with RPK and Marina's daughters at the Court canteen while waiting for RPK to be produced in Court. Two lovely daughters he has. Intelligent, smart, fully aware of the situation concerning their father and Malaysia as a country. They were calm. Although beneath their eyes, I could detect the waves of emotions running through their veins while waiting for RPK to appear. "Is he going to be re-arrested?", they asked.

I looked at them and almost in an indiscernible voice, I said, "I don't think so."

The truth was that I didn't think I would be able to stay sane had that happened.


He was produced in Court at about 3.25pm. He looked haggard. And tired.  I stole a moment to take a picture of him sitting on the Court bench waiting for his freedom to be officialised.


He was soft spoken. And the look of his face said it all. I approached him. Imtiaz was talking to him and I was later introduced to him. Finally, I was meeting my client. He looked at me, took my hand and I said, "Ungku, I am Azhar".

He smiled and he hugged me. A hug which I would not forget. A hug of a free man. His tears were streaming down his cheek. He looked around, as if he was measuring freedom. "How are you, Ungku?", I asked.

"I am just relieved. Thanks to you. I don't think I would be able to last another day there", he said.

"You know, last Saturday, Marina came to see me at the camp. I told her next Saturday I don't want her to come to the camp anymore. I want to be home with her by then. And you know, yesterday I was allowed to wander around the solitary confinement block. I was looking at Bukit Larut from inside the camp. I was telling myself, tomorrow I want to look at Bukit Larut from outside of the camp", he said with a smile.

"Well Ungku, your prayer and wish have been granted", I replied.

With that I moved to the Bar table. The Judge came in and His Lordship officially noted RPK's presence in Court. His Lordship then set him free. The crowd in the public gallery gasped in disbelief. Somebody was about to break into an applause but remembering what the learned Judge had said in the morning, the applause was halted.

Just as the learned Judge retired into his chambers, Marina and her two daughters stood up and grabbed hold of RPK. There they were. Four of them, lost in their own little world, hugging each other while tears flowed freely even among those in the public gallery.

Freedom. Free from a purely abusive and tyrannical act of a government which feared it's own shadow. Free from the clutches of an impotent executive, whose bravery was only limited to executing acts of blatant cowardice against its own people.



I arrived at La Bodega at around 5pm. It was supposed to be a celebration of sorts. But when I walked into the Lounge upstairs, the air was subdued. Imtiaz was sitting in front of me. Reflective. Brooding even.

RPK made an appearance later in the evening. Again he thanked me. I had to tell him that I think it was the learned Judge and the Court which were the real heroes of the day. It was the learned Judge's courage that had won RPK's freedom. He was courageous.


I took a picture of him again. Just look at him and compare to the picture of himself in the Court a couple of hours earlier. Look at how fresh he appeared to be in the red t-shirt. And look at the smile. And that focus in his eyes.

That's what freedom could render to a human being.


RPK's release meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people. 

To RPK and family, it would be the joy of regaining freedom and liberty. Of being with each other once again. Of enjoying togetherness, which was so abruptly and wrongly taken away from them, once again.

To the lawyers - me included - it was about the satisfaction of being able to contribute to the attainment of freedom and liberty of a person. It was also about a fight against repression. I was glad to be a part of it all. And to leave a small mark in Malaysia's pursuit of a just and fair society, a society which is able to live freely and without fear of oppression.

But the real hero, as I had said earlier was the Court and the learned Judge, His Lordship Dato' Syed Ahmad Helmy bin Syed Ahmad. While we travel in this dark age of uncertainty, he shines like a beacon.

The tyrannical regime of Dr Mahathir Mohammad had taken away judicial power from the Court by amending the Federal Constitution. They had tried to usurp the power of the Court by ousting its power of review over ISA detentions.

But yesterday, the Court, through Justice Dato' Syed Ahmad Helmy bin Syed Ahmad, rose to reclaim it's position as the ultimate balancer; the ultimate dispenser of justice and the ultimate institution which would check and balance out the abuses and excesses of the executives.

Yesterday was a day the Court, the peace loving people of Malaysia and justice embrace each other and walk alongside each other on the same road.

The road to liberty.






de minimis said...

Art my man

You, Imtiaz and the entire legal team deserve all the bouquets that is legally permissible. I'm proud to be a part of the legal fraternity because of professionals like you.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

I am so pleased that I saw beyond the navel gazing and found a heart with a conscience.

I've been a fan for a while now. I'll be staying one for sure.

You deserve a pat on the back, together with all those who helped give hope to us.

We needed this badly and you guys saw it through.

Well done, syabas, felicadades!


Anonymous said...

truly an emotional journey from being caged to freedom.
and this man by the name syed albar is evil personified. even his division members have lodged plentiful affidavits of his evil deeds. JUST imagine that.
the fight aint over yet. this evil man has came out to say the GOVT is appealing the decision. all they need is to have the appeal heard before another "irrelevant" judge and RPK is back to the cage.

eskay said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This world is more beautiful with you guys around.

Looks like Malaysia has hope now with you guys and our good judge around.

Keep up your good work, Sir, for yourself & your future generations, for Malaysia & for a peaceful world.

Jarod said...

Sir, Thank YOU. For your team and your effort made it possible for RPK to be out and bring Malaysia on the right track.

we need more Lawyer who work for the people. We need more!

I salute you and your team!

ben said...

Hi Bro,

Well done to you, Imtiaz and the others! Besides, the brave judge, your team presented a fantastic appeal which supports his decision.

Your sharing moves ME! Heads up and a big pat on your back.


Antares said...

Art... Art... you're a He Man, Art (and such a noble Hu Man too!)... and the HE comes direct from the HEART! This was indeed a Very Special Treat, to read your perspective on it all... this is beyond HIStory, my good sir... this is truly OURstory... and it's a story of EPIC proportions!

There has NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, been ANY justification for detention without trial - anywhere on Earth or any other sector of Creation for that matter. Those who wrote such a fiendish law into existence did so to protect their own larcenous schemes, to amass a fortune at everybody else's expense. The so-called Communist Threat was merely a BOGEYMAN, soon replaced by the Terrorist Threat. I swear to you, Art, the ONLY TERRORIST around is the tyrant father who traumatizes his own children in the spurious name of externally imposed Discipline.

We have a ways to go yet... the ISA is yet to be repealed, and 70 citizens continue to languish in Kamunting. But Justice Helmy's act of stupendous courage has pierced right through the facade of "legality" that dared cage the spirit of humanity and call it "security."


Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, you guys make 'lawyer' a profession with high respect!

ylcw said...

The nation acknowleges the effort and contribution of the learned judge and defence lawyers in securing the release of RPK - take a bow! (to the prosecution for being professional too ... wonder whether deep in their hearts, they are happy too!)

I had posted this on Malaysia Today on govt may appeal decision:
"Appeal against what? Can't they take defeat graciously? It is pointless to waste more of the rakyat's money in pursuing something of vendetta. There are so many more important issues out there needing the government's attention. Of course, these need more intelligence to handle than going after a harmless writer!

Be a more compassionate govt, and the people will respect you more. If you are not happy with RPK due to stupid reasons, then please discard your UMNO armours and stand up to him like a real man. Please do not use anymore of the Rakyat's money (as it actually signifies with our approval). The money can better be utilised for the needy.
I am a parent, and I do not agree on depriving wives and children of their breadwinners. If you treasure your loved ones, leave RPK alone to treasure his too. Big bullies!

You should go to the website
and hang these pics in your coffee room!

Cheers ... ylcc

Anonymous said...

As long Bn putras are in powers, nowhere isa could be abolished in Malaysia.

Those who are responsible to this abysmal blunder will be persecuted eternally.

Bravo RPK, keep up the good work. Now we want Hindraf 5 and all ISA detainees to be released and abolished the ISA now.

Rpk is our hero, but looking at this Dr. Kua Kia Song, sigh, what a contrast.

Couldn’t fill a nomination form in the 1995 General Election, was booted out from New Era College, now instigating those innocent and gullible students going against the wishes of the rakyat.

This Kua Kia Song is a total disgrace to mankind when compared to our hero RPK.

Long live RPK, please go away quietly Mr. Principal- the can't fill nomination form properly principal.

CHIA, Chin Yau said...

can't say anything more than:

Thank you!

artic turban said...

Thank you sir, the learned judge, and all the legal team, their clerks, staff and even all the tea and coffee ladies, from the bottom of our heart thank you again, You are all lions who have roared in the darkness that Malaysians will not entertain injustice in the name of a tyranical regime, it even not accepted as a elected govt, only as cheats who had the SPR rigged from the get, go. We are getting there and one of these days we will prevail against this tyranny. History will be the judge of dark days, and mark my words they will pay. History has also taught us, tyrants never last, they may justify their existance with all sorts of propoganda but if you are rotten to the core, it will collapse on its own, as seen in umno, they are stabbing and fighting each other for positions and power. UMNO WILL NOT LAST for too long, give them enough rope and they WILL HANG THEMSELVES. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR A JOB WELL DONE, YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF A PAT ON THE BACK FOR THIS SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA. What umno doesn't understand about RPK is, he is not looking for a position or power, what he wants is an end to the very existence of UMNO. That they have no way of fighting.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Thank you. You are a towering Malaysian for your contribution. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bouquets indeed!
Win or lose, this was true National Service on the part of the legal team, thank you.
Best regards,

Delighted said...

Pete and Marina hugged eh?? Hey!! watch it, it is considered "kelakuan kurang senonoh", yunno? kakkaka rofl. :p ..anyway, thanks for a good job done!!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, to you and all the team of good and true Malaysian Lawyers for the good fight to release our bro RPK. A MILLION THANK YOU to the God send judge. Your reward will be a million fold in the next world.
Reading your posting brings tears to my eyes...its sooo heart piercing esp the part that RPK and Marina hug you.
I salute you and your team. God Bless and keep you all safe.
Next big project???? bringing those responsible for sending RPK to kamunting to task.....and make it soon please.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the brilliant article and congratulation for educating the rakyat. You are right the hero is the judge but the unsunk heros are you, Imtaz, Maina, RPK's inteligent daughters and all those whose relentless support for abolishment of ISA and RPK's release. I thank to Allah and salute the judge and all of you particularly RPK for 'educating' the meaning of justice to this beautiful nation. I hope one day all malaysian can stand tall in front of "The Palace of Justice" at Putra Jaya and proudly proclaim that justice shall prevail in this soil of Malaysia. Best regards and keep up with the good works.

p-loon said...

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

May there be more Malaysians--more human beings--like you. My only regret is that when I met you at La Bodega that joyous afternoon, I didn't know who you REALLY were, other than the fact that you were one of the heroes who brought RPK back to us. Which isn't to say that that alone isn't enough, please don't misunderstand me...far from it, far from it. (I write this in reference to your posting on Ketuanan Melayu as well.)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Barbara said...

I was moved to tears reading your account. I say let FREEDOM and JUSTICE reign!!

Kris said...

Art, for once words escape me... I have said it before, I will say it forever, I am proud to call you friend...

Kris said...

Found some words that echo mine though, credit to mitch leigh....

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go

To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far

To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell
For a heavenly cause

shepherdvoyage said...

Welldone sir, hat off to you! Righteous minds like you, RPK, Zaid and the like are blessings to this land.

walski69 said...

A journey well traveled... not only are congratulations in order, but I should also say Thank You...

Thank You, for being part of the process that has reinstilled a germination of hope that justice in our beloved nation is still alive and kicking.

Thank You, for not giving up when it looked as if every avenue turned into would be a dead end.

But not least, Thank You for sharing your journey... a battle well fought, a journey well traveled. You and the team not only facilitated the rightful release of RPK, but gave something back to the Malaysian people.

It is something that had been lost, but is now in the process of being recovered: Hope.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your hard work.

one small step on the long journey, one huge leap in the spirit of the people.

Ah Chin said...

You, Imitiaz, His Lordship, RPK and many others are the real Towering Malays. You don't have to clamour for the title. You have earned it through what you are. You have my deepset respect!

Kee Thuan Chye said...

I didn't realise you were THE Art Harun when I met you at La Bodega last Friday. I'm honoured.

I commended you only last week on The People's Parliament for what you wrote about Salleh Abas.

As for your posting on RPK's release, I was moved to tears by the part in which you described the family tearfully huddling together, lost in their own world, after the judge had pronounced RPK a free man.

What the ruling power often overlooks is the terrible effect exerted on family members when one of their loved ones is taken away from them and shut away. It is even more unbearable when the reason for such a cruel act is unjust and unwarranted.

All power to you and your practice of the law. And to your ideals.

Kee Thuan Chye

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


The road to desired liberty
Is often filled with difficulty
But when we fully use our faculty
We can still surmount and end up pretty

(C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 091108
Sun. 9th Nov. 2008.

Oldstock said...

Good work Art. Congrats to you, Malik Imtiaz and the entire team.

If you say Justice Syed Ahmad Helmy is a brave man, then watch out for the other Syed whose hell bent on using his ISA powers again.

alamghaib said...

who say melayu can't be same as d rest of malaysian.just look at Azhar & Co.if all can emualte like Azhar we dun nid any NEP,bumi,ketuanan melayu & many more.......all u need is hard work n u will be respected.

Anonymous said...

You, the rest of legal team and the Judge carry highest value of human race, Integrity of practice of law. You all are restoring and institutelize this value to all citizen of this country.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...


You are definitely better at law than driving round the track ! At least no DNF.

Great one bro. Cherries on me when we catch up.


Anonymous said...

Pity you didnt thinik about going for Friday prayers after leaving Court. Wonder what your excuse to the Almighty will be.

art harun said...

"Pity you didnt thinik about going for Friday prayers after leaving Court. Wonder what your excuse to the Almighty will be."

Dear Anonymous,

You don't have to know my excuse. God will judge me. Not you!

bennyloh said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the work you and the team have done. My view of lawyer is forever changed. A 'lawyer' is a profession with high respect. salute you sir.

Anonymous said...

Malays like you, Imtiaz and Zaid do not need any crutches or NEP to succeed. You are shining examples of the "Yes, we can" generation of Malays that can stand tall.

Well done on your success. Great job, well done.

panca said...

We already knew many Malay 'bruders' that walk the same or even greater confidence with fellow Non-Malay citizens.

We need to hear more and more Malays that will rise and heed this call to walk on the same platform together and not abandoning but strive as one.

Proud to be MALAYSIAN, ultimately!

smoking gun said...

Didn't know till now that RPK had not just MIS but also THE Art Harun on his team. I'm so glad - been a huge fan for a while now.

Like Marina, I wish I could hug you and the entire team in gratitude for what you've done for the Malaysian people. Bouquets all around for a stupendous job Art.

Kris said...

anonymous 4:44

quote "Pity you didnt thinik about going for Friday prayers after leaving Court. Wonder what your excuse to the Almighty will be"

Pray tell what is thinik? Sounds downright lascivious...This is an open forum so watch your language... if not, at least learn how to spell...

As for excuses to the almighty, I need a few, could I borrow from your book? I'll even send the truck around...

Anonymous said...

If you wish to be petty-minded about typos and wish to lecture on it,then maybe you should do something about improving your grammar.Learn how to use fullstops so that one sentence does not run into another like what you have done in:
"As for excuses to the almighty, I need a few, could I borrow from your book? I'll even send the truck around..."
You can try your luck to divert attention from your failure to attend Friday prayers, but you should know that such diversionary tactics does not work with the Almighty.

Kris said...

LOL!!!!And you probably have a closet full of excuses for the almighty seeing as how you choose to be so petty as to question one on a matter of personal faith oh self righteous one...

Anonymous said...

There is no need to question your faith. Its plain fo all to see.

art harun said...

Dear Anonymous,

It's a shame you have not introduced yourself because I would be honoured to know a God fearing man like you. Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog and also for reminding me of my duties to God.

By the way, I am not Kris and Kris is not myself. Just so you know.

Thank you again and may God bless you.


Dear Kris,

It looks like Mr/Ms Anonymous had just called you a bad Muslim. I am sorry for having caused you to be dragged into this.

Have a nice day.


Azer Mantessa said...

well done :-)

al alim said...

Dear Azhar

I was certainly moved by your 'poetic' piece which is clearly from the heart. Poetic because each para was like a moment in life captured with such crystal clear language. The image in my mind and heart was so dense with emotions and colour, even the best electronic cameras couldn't have created that clarity of view!

So many have alrady stated their gratitude to you as part of Malik's brave team of legal beagles, fighting for justice and freedom. The decision is not just that of the judge, brave and good soul that he is, but the Judge Supreme who will judge us all one day! The fact that you did your duty to God and to man is sufficient "prayer" for Nov 7 Friday. He is All Knowing and Merciful!

god bless

Kris said...

Aww art, he tawt he taw a puddy tat and you went and let the cat out of the bag :)

No worries on being dragged in and called a bad muslim, I've been called worse...

Dear Al Alim, amen to that...

art harun said...

Dear Al Alim,

I am honoured that you saw it fit to comment on my blog.

And thank you for your kind words. May we all have the strength and patience to face injustice.

My many thanks to everyone who had visited this piece and showered me, Imtiaz and all the others in the team with words of kindness.

The purpose of this story is not to show how good a person I am. It is to show how I felt about the whole thing as and when events were unfolding. I am just glad that many of you read it and even liked it.

Salam to everyone.

donplaypuks® said...


Due to illness, I could not be there for that historic decision though I had attended some of the earlier hearings in Jln Duta.

What the 'Team' and you achieved cannot be described in mere words. You have struck a resounding blow for FREEDOM and stuck another nail in the coffin of facism, dictatorship and thuggery!!

Well done. The PEOPLE approve and support you brilliant victory!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

I am glad that you left some of the comments uncensored , that enlightened us on the intelligent level of those not having anything great to say, apart from accusing you of not doing Friday Prayer.

Tragic indeed.

For me, your prayer was answered last Friday and Allah see to it , it happened. I do not have a lot to say apart from.

Well done.

"All that it takes for evil to triumph is good man do nothing."

Obviously last Friday, When good man did something, Allah see to it the prayer was duly answered.

Thank you for the great story.


art harun said...

Dear Woodyooi,

All the comments are uncensored. And I hope there wouldn't be any which needs censoring in the future.

Thank you for the kind words. I am obliged.


Anonymous said...

Encik Azhar

Many, myself included, thought that nothing could be done with a decision of the Minister under Section 8 of the ISA. After all, Section 8B says the shall be no judicial review of the decision of the minister.

But RPK lawyers had a brilliant and, I think novel, argument on section 8B. This case shows what good lawyers can do. I am inspired.


bn haramjadah said...

Thats the problem with zeolets in Maaysia.
Religion is personal, it is between yoou and your maker, who is ANON or anyone for that matter, to judge you on whether you went for FRIDAY PRAYERS or not, Who died and made ANON god, to decide for god, whether what you do or not do, is right or wrong, why the mind boggling pathetic attempts of mind-control BY ZEOLETS OR by the state? It is all a political game by politicians to use religion in their control of Power.
Are you children that need reminding.
I would prefer a man/ women who may pray once in a week, but carries gods teachings, through behaviour, action and heart, than a zeolet who prays 5 times a day, but goes out and collects bribes, commits all that is HARAM in islamic teachings in between, as is the norm by a majority of umno members, where is their religion?.

I may not be a muslim, but have lived, worked and thrived with both good and hypocratical muslims, through-out the world.

Respect is earned, not granted.
To me you have earned our respect, ON WHETHER YOU ARE A GOOD MUSLIM OR NOT, SHOULD BE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR GOD and you don't need to justify yourself to anybody but god, so pay no heed to those petty childish minds of hypocrates.
Isn't soceity able to judge for itself, on what is right and wrong?
If I have offended, i apologise, have a good day SIR, I had to come back again to read your article, it made my day....again.

Yusuf said...

Oi, well done mate!

deannalee said...

i read MalaysiaToday almost everyday. It is marked on my toolbar. So it is a very important site for me.

Today, I read about your account on RPK's release. My, it was such a good read. You are not only a brilliant lawyer but a good storyteller that compelled me to finish the article with a personal comment.

I salute your art as well as your conscience towards God where dispensing justice is concerned.

With such a warm heart, you will live a long life.

Daef said...


It's an honour to be blogging with you in this little corner of ours!

art harun said...

And the pleasure is all mine Bro. Thanks.