Monday, December 1, 2008

The Space in Between

Thank you
for being
the space in between
the relentless drive for perfection
and my not caring a damn
for being
that pause in between
the deafening din of dreariness
and the sensual allure of flattery
for being
that long deep breath
that inhales you into me
and feel you as I would my second skin
for being
that fine line between
What it means to live
and what it means to be alive
Thank you
for being


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Thank you for that lovely read!

art harun said...

Dayyem...that's good! Excellent piece Bro. So sexy!

de minimis said...

I don't mean to trivialise such wonderful verses. But this poem quite almost describes the emotions that envelopes me and my wife when we have to share a plate of char kuay teow at our most favourite stall in Port Klang. The plate of steaming, aromatic kuay teow that is "the space in between" :D

Anonymous said...

ah wordplay is sexy
even over a cuppa
what more under cover of darkness
wit' rime and rhythm
or minus them
words from the heARTist!

PS: you guts turn up KLSCAH tonight formore words and banter?
dare's mee siam2:) maybe coffee4Three--Desi

smoking gun said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.
I love this site - always makes my neurons tingle.

rosesNtheboyz said...

i just dont understand a single line of it!



Thank you
For being t
The Gazer of Navels
For opening the space of my imagination
For being nothing
In the universe of Perfection
For being
A slave of God
Thank you
For being
The Gazer of Navels