Monday, December 22, 2008


Her body is my temple
Where I go to worship
To offer my body and soul
In return for Her sighs


de minimis said...

A most excellent poem. The silhouette is outstanding.

Azer Mantessa said...

deep and i will never underestimate the cynical point of it :-)

zorro said...

Hey pusatman, is there an intentional typo...sighs or thighs?
Sighs of climax(tic) frustration whereas thighs are always ecstatic? Dang the oldie in me acting up again.....was good meeting you last night at La Bodigha.

art harun said...

Mr Zorro my man,

It was my indeed my pleasure to have met you last night although I must say my recollection of it is a bit blur, for reasons unknown. :)

"Temple" is the handiwork of my co-blogger, Mr Daef. Had it been mine, the "sighs" would have been "thighs" of course.

But then again, that's Daef for you. He operates in mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but with poems like these, Daef could get a LOT of pussy. Heck, even mine.

Anonymous said...

I've been up to this site at least 5 times, reading and rereading this particular piece.

artic turban said...

Very well put together, but if you get married to this gorgeus creature but she is a nag and a harridan who turns into the bane of your life or a foul mouthed witch, HOW THAN? HAHAHAHA I have many friends in that predictament, but too scared to leave.