Friday, July 20, 2007

Fantasy No. 302231-D

I become Prime Minister of Malaysia in sometime in 2017 creating history by winning an election with a land slide with my newly formed party which campaigned on the back of only three issues as follows won the election beating the entire BN front by a landslide victory: (1) A three and a half day work week (2) declaring open season on kapchai motorcyclists and licensing their hides (3) Allowance of porn into the country. Within 5 years, I will consolidate my power (by sacking almost all the politicians and government servants and rehiring everybody anew, and becoming a virtual king in Malaysia, because all citizens are just trembling with fervency to do my bidding. Most bumiputera contractors are sacked from most government projects and a majority of the Singaporean governmental staff will be lured away to basically recreate what they did down there over here. After creating a heaven on earth in Malaysia, I will then adopt the name of Kinky Khan and conquer the world on horseback leading shock troop of well muscled men skilled in battle and will try to conquer the world by sword, tiny capes and many disposal leopard skin printed underwear. I will then die a glorious death which will be glorified in a 3 minute pop song by the latest pop boy group of the year. The song about me will rule the charts for 10 weeks consecutively and rule the charts before fading forever into the abyss of time.


the Anomaly said...

where to get this disposable leopard print underwear??

Daef said...

It is very rare. You have to hunt the near mythical disposable leopard first. Then you have to skin them very carefully. You need the assistance of some tribal dudes around the sub-Saharan area who can help you out. The only problem with these sort of underwear is that it tears easily.