Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Not the Usual Date: At the Police Station (Part Five)

Hot. Sweaty. Smelly. Bodies. Crushing. Pushing. Shoving. Shouting. Pounding. Shuffling. Children crying. Wives pleading. Lawyers demanding. Policemen barking. Bearded men. Turbaned men. Men in Jubah. Some shouting, 'Allahuakhbar.' Reporters asking. Photographers shooting.
And a stunningly beautiful girl is clinging to my arm for her beautiful life. Feel her soft warm body. Pressed against mine. Nice. We slice through the crowd. Resistance. Bumps. Pushing. Shoving. Slow. Sometimes she lets out a cry. Somebody pinches her. She’s fondled. Can’t see who. Suddenly. Feel. Pressure of her breasts. On my arm. Freaking arm. What a date.We reach the police station gate. 10 minutes. Later. After a lot of. Pushing. Shoving. Cursing.
About my mother; leave her out of this. Swearing. Pushing. Shoving. Until we are finally right in front of the gate. Doing. All I can. Keep the crowd. Mowing us. Down. Down. To the ground. We're pressed against the gate. Nobody giving an inch. Nobody asking. There. Behind the gate. Two young policemen man. Stand around. Ignoring everybody. Not giving a flying fuck. About anybody. Not you. Not me. To them. We could crush each other to death. For all they care. Get their heads. This way.
'Tuan,' I bellow. Soars above the din. Slightly startled. They turn. My way. Walk. This way.
'Apa masalah, Encik?' one asks. Short. Michelin Man. Joined the force. Dirty. Dirty face. Sly, darting eyes. Roaming. Soaring. Fantasizing. On Nadia. Her body. Her solid. Body. I can see. The possibilities erupting in his tiny mind.
'Saya kena masuk,’ I tell him.

'Apa urusan tuan?'

'Saya hendak jumpa adik saya yang kena tahan.'

'Sorry, sir. We’ve cannot not to allow any person into the police station,’ steps in the one next to Michelin Man. Taller. Thinner. Equally. Sleazy. Looking.

'I don't know. Those are our order.'

Nadia. Steps up. Heart stopping. And wishing. Eye demanding. Watch those. Heads and heels. Look of distress.

'Please, sir. We need to really see our brother. Our mother is very worried about him. I would be grateful if you could let us both in,' she says. As breathlessly. As she can. Big doe eyes. Melt your heart. Did mine. Probably gave them boners. At least.

Both of them look at her. Up. Down.

She's cool.

'Okay then. Only you.'


'Oh thank you, sir but I don't know my brother very well. He's my step brother. This brother of mine, Zack, he knows him much better. So it's important that he comes along as well. Please?'

Pour it in a cup and serve it for tea.

They talk it over. Slight disagreement. They're back.

'What else?' Okay. They're talking cash.

'Four hundred.'

I nod.


A crack in the gate. Suddenly. The ocean of people. Stirring. Moving. Pushing. Shoving. Shouting.
Screaming. Groping. Becomes a blur. Then. We are in. Both of us are in. Nadia. Glued to me. The crowd quickly becomes more restless and agitated. The shouting is louder. The crying stronger. The children's crying more high pitched.

We go off to the side. I handshake them. The money. But they want. Her mobile number as well. She smiles. Flings. Some numbers at him.

‘I give you miss call, okay?’ says the thin one. Beaming. Like he. Won a million bucks.

‘I don’t have it with me now but I’ll check it when I get back.’

They're happy.

We're happy.

Way the world should be.

Damn. This chick. Fucking rocks.

Is it alright to fall for her right now?

They point us to the direction of the lock ups.

We walk.

'Oh man. I feel so dirty.'

'Thanks a lot for that Nadia.’

'Oh. It’s alright. I thought you needed a little help there,’ she says with a wink. With a wink. And then happily continues, ‘But they're so… so… sleazy and corrupt. It’s so disgusting.’

‘It gets worse. This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the action. If you want to get out of here, now is actually a very good time.’

She’d be crazy. To want in.

She looks at me. Then smiles. A mischievous smile.

‘Would you think me crazy if I said yes?’

No way.

‘Fucking crazy.’

Her smile. Glows. With a sense of glee.

Be still my rapidly beating heart.

‘Then sign me up. Take me everywhere with you.’

We enter the building. It's quiet. One guard. Only. At the desk.

‘Hey, you two! How did you get in?’

His attention directed. Totally at Nadia. Even. As he talks. To me.

‘The guards at the gate let us in.’

'Oh? That's alright then. What are you looking for?'

His eyes. Cannot get. Enough of Nadia.

'For the prisoners that just got brought in.'

'Oh. Those guys. They're in the lock ups.'

'Which way is it?'

‘Uh... wait. Who are the two of you?’

‘We're lawyers for Tan Sri Kamil Aris.’

He takes it in.

‘The Defence Minister?’


'Oh! Why are you here?'

'See, one of the men you have arrested is his nephew. A troublesome piece of shit. He always gets into trouble. And when he does, Tan Sri, then sends me to come, you know, hush-hush and pick him up and take him home. He doesn't want the reporters out there to pick this up. I mean, it looks pretty bad, right?'

'Yah. True also.'

'So, if you can just show me the way to lock ups.'

'I see. If that's the case, can you just please sign your names here and then I'll take you there.'

'Ah. I would love to, tuan. The problem with signing our names is that it shows that we've been here. If anybody does an investigation they'll find out that we were here. This will lead back to Tan Sri. Remember what I said about being quiet? That means untraceable. There must be no record that we were here.'

'Ah. Okay. Okay. I understand.'

Peel off three hundred.

‘Tan Sri also reminded us to reward anybody who helps us out. So, since Raya is coming up soon
here's just a little something to help you along.’

Handshake. He throws in. A smile for. Nothing extra.

Down the stairs. Down. We go.

Suddenly. The officer turns around.

Looks at Nadia. Again.

'You look very familiar?'

'Me?' she asks. Don't panic. Don't panic.

'Yeah... are you some singer or actress?'

'Oh... no. People say I look like Zhang Zi Yi.'


'Hmmm... You are very pretty, you know? You can be a model?' Keep cool. Nadia. Keep cool.

Giggles. 'Oh, you are too kind, sir! Tuan, also can model since you are so good looking.' Grateful. She’s innocent looking. Sexy. Flirty. All at once.

She's good.

He's happy. Can see the smile from his ears. Little perk in his ass. When he walks. Now. Can’t believe. He’s buying this shit.

‘Nahlah... I'm not that good looking.’ Fishing! The cad!

'Oh, don't say that, Tuan. I'm sure all the policewomen here are crazy about you.'

'You're just saying that-lah.' He's still smiling.

'We're here. I'll go in first to explain.

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art harun said...

The police and Nadia...hey, I wouldn't blame them behaving like that la...I would behave the same way too...prolli worse! :)
Great plot man. Erm...would there be an aging lawyer with grey hair making a cameo somewhere? eheh...