Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kon Low Mee Sg. Besi

For those of you dying for a fix some good old style Kon Low Mee (KLM), I found you all a joint yo. As you can see from the photo, this particular KLM hails from Sg. Besi where they have been a fixture for a long time now. It's very easy to miss this shop because they only open from 6:00 pm onwards right up until 1:00 am. They are open every day of the month although they are closed on one day of the month and are not at liberty to say when. It's as much of a secret as their KLM recipe. Don't try it. I attempted once and had to fight a vicious kung-fu battle and managed to barely escape with 2 large bowls of KLM in my gut. It was fortunate that I had mastered the wild pig snorting flying fist of oink before I went there, if not I was sure to have lost the honour battle with their resident sifu.

To get there is a bit of a pain because the road you have to be on is the one leading from KLCC towards the Sg. Besi highway/toll. So be aware of the rush hour for that area (hint: morning from 8-9am and evening from 6-8:30pm). The joint is just off Jalan Sg. Besi and next to a car audio shop. In fact, at around 6:00 pm when they first open you will even have trouble spotting it because the stall is inside. Your best bet is to look for a car audio shop next to the road with a lot of cars parked by the side of the road on your left. Once you sight it, I would not recommend parking by the road side because it is a very busy area even though you are very likely to see some impressive cars parked there waiting to have their ICE (In-Car Entertainment) system souped up (and not by the KLM soup that comes with it aight). 

Now the first thing I noticed right off the bat was that they are generous with the mee here (it may have well change since the last oil hike because I think the portions have shrunk - especially the chicken - the last time I was there). My first time I here I asked for the large portion and they sent me a fucking mountain. I could barely finish the damn mee and had long past finished off 2 portions of the chicken (I shall explain the significance of this next time if I remember) when I stuffed the last few strands in my mouth. So, even if you're quite hungry, I'd recommend you start with the medium (because the small size is really a waste of time and only good for supplementing an unfulfilling medium). My usual orders are there for display although I left out the damn soup!

As you can see from the pictures, the noodles are excellent and sit in a puddle of sauce when it comes, so you can get a real nice dark texture going with the noodles. After you mix it in good (with a bit of the soup too) that should conjure up something pretty close to them old style KLM those with the char siew. The chicken however tends to drive the KLM here because its flavour is more potent and holds its own against the noodles. I think it's because of those fried bits on the top that you see on the chicken. There's the soup which I don't really count on because it's not very consistent - nice some days and but rather salty on others; sort of like Malaysian politicians but thankfully its not full of shit. 


art harun said...

Yah...I love them swimming bin oil also when they cum...

ben said...

Hi Daef,

I am also a fan of good hawker food.

If you think the Sg Besi (I've tried it, it's so-so to me), then you ought to try this stall at Restoran OK in SS2. It's located the end of Kayu Nasi Kandar (Behind Kayu used to be Chow Yang now called Restaurant Lim Mee Yoke).It opens at 11am-8pm.

In the morning between 7.30-10am, excellent Penang Curry Laksa (original).

Also, between 9am-1pm excellent fish ball soup. (Sister of the famous fish ball at Jln Yap Ah Shak behind Bank Pembangunan)

Happy eating!

ben said...

Sorry I meant,...the end of Kayu Nasi Kandar...

art harun said...

Eh...please please .... I want to go there Ben. Bring me please. I am hopeless at direction. Daef, tell me if you are going. I want..I want...I want...

ben said...

Hi Art Harun,

Do you know where the original Chow Yang or Kayu Nasi Kandar ? If you know then it's very easy.

Otherwise I will be more than happy to show you.

Daef said...


Thanks a bunch for the tips. Naval Gazing will be sending our taste squad there to sample the fare. And if you know more KLM joints, let us know.


No worries buddy. Am familiar with the area and am actually going to Kayu Kandar this weekend so I will recce the place. Lunch next week!

ben said...


No worries. Please let me know the type of food you like and I shall be more than happy to share-share with you guys.

Have fun and let me know your verdict.

Btw there are plenty of Penang kia there so my taste bud shouldn't be too far off. I have to caution you because I do recieve referral which didn't suit my taste.

If you're happy with this then more to come! ;-)