Friday, July 18, 2008



Syed Hamid Albar asked Anwar Ibrahim what he (Anwar) is afraid of by refusing to give his DNA samples to the police.

"Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should not worry about giving his DNA samples if he were interested to seek the truth behind the sodomy allegations against him, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

“DNA does not lie. Give your sample and let the expert read it,” Syed Hamid said.

He said the PKR adviser could have given the sample at the hospital in the presence of his own doctor if he was afraid of fabrication." (NST - today - 17.7.2008)

Well my friend, also today reported that despite being arrested by 10 masked men, bundled up into a highly tinted vehicle, questioned for 5 hours, detained overnight where he was made to sleep with common criminals on the cement floor despite knowing of his back condition, Anwar Ibrahim is still not given a copy of or even shown the police report made against him by the boy whose anus was famously alleged to have been poked by Anwar. Khairy Jamaluddin seems to know a thing or two about that particular report as he seems to know beforehand that the police wanted to have Anwar's DNA samples. But neither Anwar, the accused, nor any of his family member nor his legal team know anything about it.

May I ask why? Is there such a report in the first place? Or was it a report with blank spots for the police to fill in as the "very professional investigations" are carried out?

Syed Hamid Albar. You have caused the city dwellers to suffer with traffic jam this week. You have caused some students to miss their CLP examinations this week. All because you have intelligence report that there was going to be a demonstration in KL which intelligence report turned out to be several SMS which the police had read. And now you are asking Anwar what he is afraid of? May I ask you, in relation to the police report:

pageone_0718 - Copy

Am I a moron? Or are you?


DOM said...

When he instructed for the road blocks all over the city, what was he afraid of?

ben said...

KJ probably 'salah tekan' for wanting to outdo Mukhriz. Oxford Alumni is probably very ashamed to be associated him.

Anyway on the subject of the road block, based on the statistics of vehicles traffic in the city ie 1m. Let's say that the jam caused a wastage of 2litre per vehicle x RM2.70=RM5.4m (excluding subsidy), stress, late for work,etc. all the name of policemen/women sitting on the chairs and closing it to one lane. WTF, the goes my many plates of char kuey teow!

donplaypuks® said...

I'm no lawyer, but I recall an episode of 'The Practice' where a killer was freed by the (USA)Court when it was established that the police did not have 'Probable Cause' when they entered his house without a warrant and discovered a dead body in a closet!

So, if they don't have probable cause, they can only interview the 'suspect' but not subject him to medical examination, check the diameter of his balls and the length of his Lingam or keep him imprisoned over-night!

This call for DNA testing is therefore 100% Unconstitutional and how is Magoo, without 2/3 majority in Parliament, going to change it?

Also, this is the prerogative of the Law Minister, not the Home Minsiter. It's obvious there are too many Generals and no one is in control of this Govt.

It is also clearly the BN, AG & IGP's fault that today no one trusts our Guardians.It is becoming clear that other than Saiful's SD they have no evidence, and it is ridiculous to expect DSAI to incriminate himself. Would Magoo, Najib, IGP or AG do it were it themselves.

This is the problem with M'sia. we say a person is innocent until proven guilty and has inalienable Constitutional rights. And the moment they exercise their rights, we say they are relyin on technicalities and condemn them.

We pay lip service to these rights at our own peril.

As for Magoo and the IGP deliberately and menacingly causing all these traffic, have no doubt. They will pay for it soon and be out of a job!!

what's this fetish you have with navel gazing? but then, it's quite harmless & one could have worst fetishes - like sodo mee and sex with 13 year old girls!

Kris said...

They're dragging this country down the road to anarchy and the signs are already there. Just last night for instance I was driving along Jalan University and people were parked with impunity along it across from the newly opened jaya one. The frightening thing here is that it's not just crime that's on the rise. Most Malaysians (admittedly the weak ones) haven't the remotest compunction to observing and respecting the law because they see no dignity, honour and integrity in the way it is meted out. And by continuing on this merry path we are all heading down the road to oblivion.

We need a strong government, that works openly, cleanly and with honour and integrity. I concede that most governments do have their flaws but what we have here is a travesty and charade of government that has no qualms in manipulating and corrupting the very instruments it has been handed by the electorate to administer society and maintain law and order. The weak and corruptible in our society see this inequity and perceiving there is no moral standard to follow or to aspire too drag the bar down even further. We are in a tailspin with no signs of pulling out unless civil society finally takes a stand and says enough is enough. Or just fiddle while rome burns....

Anonymous said...

Rest assured that Syed Hamid Alba@botak, KJ, Najib C4 will all be getting the same punishment that was meted by Allah to Tan Sri Mokhtar Abdullah. I have started a 12 hours sembahyang hajat for the last two months and rest assured that Allah will render his punishment soon.

Abdollah Talib