Saturday, May 5, 2007


The Club is Bouncing. Jumping. Heads bobbing. Bodies moving. Smiling. Sweating. Hands. Shaking. Groping. Gripping. Everybody. Oblivious. In the ecstatic.

Cut through the crowd. Like water. The colours. They roam. They blink, they blind. Hard to see. Anything. At the edge. The crowd.

You. At the Bar. Luminious pearl in Mud.

Approach you.

Dazed. Blinded.

You. You. I’m next to you.

“Hi,” I think. I say. You turn.

Your eyes. One me. Up. Down.

“Hey," you sing.

“Buy you a drink?”

“Anybody ever told you how eloquent you are?”

That was a joke. Right?


“Figured. Orange juice.”


Bar is packed. Lots of screaming. Shouting. Orders. Bills. Spittle. Everybody wanting something. Bartenders running about. Grab one.

“1 orange juice and 2 double vodka limes. 20 bucks if you do it for me now.”

He nods. 2 minutes later. Drinks in hand.

“That was fast.” She’s impressed.

“Didn’t feel like hanging around.”

Double vodka lime raised. Clink!

“You’re funny.”

“I’ve been told that. Yeah.”

Alcohol going down. Lime on tongue. Shiver through shoulders. Tasty!

“Ah! Modest as well! Aren’t we a balanced individual?” She smiles. Sips.

Damn! So fine. Smile back.

“By yourself?”

“Nah.” She looks at dance floor.

“Mom and dad?” She giggles. Turns to me. Hazel brown eyes. I like.

“Yeah. It’s the old folks night out at Bounce. They’re tearing up the dance floor as we speak.”

“’S shame your mom and dad are in there. Bumping and Grinding. And we’re sitting around out here all old like.”

She smiles. Smile of Smiles. Her eyes twinkle. Corny. But true. Maybe.

Heart. Beating. Hard. Thumping. In my Head.

She leans. To me. Her face. Near Mine.

“It is isn’t it? I was wondering whether you were going to do anything about this deplorable position we are in.”

“I’ve got an idea.” Closer.

“Let’s hear it then. Don’t have to be all shy about it.”

Her smile. Can feel it. On my cheek.

“I was thinking it would be kinda fun if we joined your mom and dad in there.”

She’s giggling. Good thing. Right?

“Is this how you ask women to dance with you?”

“Yes.” She’s smiling. Warmth.

“Have you been successful with this…” Her glass. Swirls. Ice. Clinks. “this… method?”

“Not sure.” Her eyebrows. Knitting. Not-a-good thing.

“Why aren’t you sure?”

“Because you haven’t told me what you think of my idea.”

“You mean …” Bewilderment. The Dawning. Knitted Eyebrows. Away!

“Oh, you can’t mean I’m the first!” Surprised! Smile is back. Wide. Sublime.

Turn away. Drink. Pause. 1 … 2 … 3 … Straight in her eyes.


She draws closer. Her lips. Millimeters. Her Breath. Sweet. My Ear.

“Let me give you some advice. Next time, be more direct! Let’s go.”

She grabs. My hand. My fingers. Her hands. Soft. Small. Delicate.

Days in goodness spent.

Crowds. Bodies. Jumping. Kicking. Sliding.

We’re in.

Beats. Loud. Every fibre. Of being. Thumping. Soul. Heart. Rattling.

She. Vision. Beauty. Grace. Sexiness. Whoa!

Dance. Dance. Bodies. Bumping. Grinding. Thrusting. Dance. Dance.

Her body. Against Mine. Heaven. A taste.

We groove.

We move.


A heartbeat. Later.

Rooftop. Club. Leaning. On rails. Sky. Diamonds on black velvet.

City. Stretches. Far away. Concrete poles. Blinking lights.

Moon. Full. Luminous.

Beats. Distant. Fresh. Cool. Air. Breeze.

Her laughter. Floating. In the air. Sweetest sound. Petals. In my ear.

“This was a good idea.” She glows. I’m falling.

“There’s only so long I can take in there.”

“I must say, I underrated you.” Brushes. Her hair. Black. Away.

“I know you did.” Wink!

“Yeah right!” Smiles.

“Yeah right big time!”

Looks at me.

Her eyes. Her hair. Her mouth. Her lips.



Beautiful. Sublime. Mesmerized.

Heart. Pounding. Again.

Keep Breathing.

Shut up. Don’t speak. Anything. Fumbling. Pockets. Searching …

“Cigarette?” I offer. Just Lights. Will she take it?

“No, thanks.”

“Oh, okay.” Put back. Cigarettes. Lights.

“It’s okay, you know. You can go ahead and smoke. I don’t mind.” Whoa!


“No, really. Go ahead.”


“No, really.”

“I don’t smoke.”

“You don’t smoke?” Looks at me. Strange man!


“Then why’d you ask me whether I wanted a cigarette?”

“Because you might want one?”

Pause. Smile’s back.

“You are bizarre.” Uh-oh. Not good. Right?


“Uh… thanks?”

“So are you here by yourself then?”


“Who are you here with?”

“Some friends.”

“Where are they?”

“Beats me.”

“So what were you doing at the bar?”

“Testing a hypothesis.”

“Oooh. Big word for a place like this. Don’t you know you’re only allowed 2 syllables per word?”

“I’ve already cleared it with the owner. He said it’s okay as long as I only use those words once an hour.”

She giggles.

Her Head. Cocked left.

“And what was this hypothesis of yours?”

“Whether God plays dice.”

“Oh my, that sounds terribly deep.” Feigns awe.

“Yes, it does sound terribly and unforgivably deep, doesn’t it?”

“Umm hmmm. So does God play dice?”

“Beats me. But I feel like I’m on the luckiest roll of my life tonight.”

Big smile. Blushes.

Feels like. Shooting stars. Fill the sky.

“Oooohhh, I’d better be vewy vewy careful of you Mister!” Waggles her finger. Tone. Saccharine sweet.

Shit. What’d I say? Nevermind. Play by ear. Along.

“And why is that, young miss?” Frown feigned.

“Because if you get any smoother I might just slip on your words and fall into your arms.”

“Ah!” Cha-ching! Definitely. Flirting. My heart. Smiling. Ear to Eternity.

“Well then it seems I have found my purpose tonight.”

“Which is?”

I smile.

“Why, to find the right words of course!”

She smiles. Then turns. Away.

Looks. Up. At the stars. Down. At the carpark.

Bites. Lower lip. Grips. Railing. Too tightly.

My back. On railing. A breather?

She titters. In it. A touch. Melancholia.

“You know, we’ve danced, drank and talked for a while now and I still don’t even know your name.”

Her eyes. On carpark. Still.


“I don’t know yours either.”


“Oh, you are so gonna hate me. Maybe it’s better that way” She says. Softly. For me.

“It’s okay.” It’s not okay. Fuck, it’s not okay.

“It’s not. I …”

My heart. My hopes. Melting. Crumbling. Sandcastle in a wave.

“Please. I know all good things come to an end.” Traction. Major.

“It’s just that it’s been a while… long while, since I’ve smiled so much, and had so much fun.”

“We can leave it like this. Quit while we’re ahead kinda thing. You don’t have to say anything more.”

“I think I owe you an …”

“You owe me nothing.”

“But you made me so happy tonight.”

“I was powerless to do anything else.”

I feel. Her smile. Her sadness.

Her hand. My right shoulder. I turn. Face. To face. Sorrow. In her. Eyes.

“You see. I should have fallen into your arms right there.”

“And I should have caught you right then.”

“Oh, please stop.”

I turn. Away. Too good. Too random. To last.

Knew it. Knew it!

'Okay. Then I'll just, uh, go in then.'

'No.’ I stop. ‘Please. Don't go. I know this might be a bit forward but, uh, I'm going through a really bad and ugly patch in my life right now. And then tonight this, this ray of light. Just feels good, you know? Even though we barely know each other.' Right.

'And, kinda sad because I have to step out of this light. Even though I feel and would want it otherwise.' Uh-huh.

'You know?' Don’t I. Know it. Story of my life.

'B!!' From the door. A girl. Pretty. Tight dress. Approaching us.

'We've been looking all over for you.'

Wearing a pissed off look.

B moves. Away.

Turns to me. Wistful look. Perhaps.

Then. Her back. Faces me.

'Where the hell were you?'

'I just wanted to get some air.'

'Were you dancing with that guy just now?'

'Yes. I was.'

'Who is that guy anyway?'

'Oh. Somebody.'

'What's his name?'

'I don't know.'

'Do you even know him?'

'Sort of.'

'Man, you'd better not let Chris find out you were with some guy didn't even know.'

'To hell with Chris.'

Door opens. Door closes. Silence erupts.

And she's gone. Out. Out of my sight. Of my life.


Did not notice. How beautiful, cool it is.

Up here.

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art harun said...

Gr8. That piece. I mean. Melancholia. Hopes. Wishes. Goodbye. Bundled in one. Fiction? Well. Could have happened. Could. Though I don't mean, should. But then, some feelings are meant to be. Pure. That is. Life is strange. Full of...paradox, that is. Not shit. But. Shit happens. Too. Pure shit. That's absolute. Paradox. That is.