Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to Basics

Ulu Yam
September 2008


art harun said...

Woohaaa...that's as basic as they come. Whose blue towel and whose striped t are those? Hmmm....bayangkan yang dingin. :)

Daef said...

Itu kita punya beb!

Nothing like dipping in the Sungai on a hot midday. Shame there weren't some fine kampung flowers by the banks to admire. I so love the outdoors.

Fi-sha said...

What a bliss to dip into such clear body of water...ermmmwhat kind of bunga you are talking about Daef? ;)

Daef said...


I'm talking about those bunga that possess soft cool petals, sexy stigma, sensual style, an enticing calyx and a shapely stem, that trembles with desire for my touch and melts into honey at my caress.

Datch ones lor! Datch ones hard to find wor.

art harun said...
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art harun said...

Lidat deffernately nawt bungga manggar la tawdally not!