Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Journey

I have journeyed much. Much to realise that my journey is not as much a movement from a place to another as it is a struggle to change from one form to another; a shift from one position to another; a climb of one step to a step higher and a constant fight between one force against another. Now in this state of non-physicality, I know that I was created from the lowest element existing under my feet; the soil, the lowest element. After I have been shaped into physicality, into me was blown the highest form in Your creation, and beyond; Your spirit. I am therefore a mixture of the lowest and the highest; darkness and light; bad and good; evil and Godliness. Although it is obvious that I start from the lowest; the darkness; the badness and the evil. The journey is therefore the struggle to shift from the lowest element; the darkness, badness and the evil to the highest element; Your spirit. And only when I reach the highest form will I unite with Your spirit, giving me a glimpse of You and Your Greatness. And that would be my victory.


Antares said...

It's a bi-polar universe, mate, guess we all have to conform.... not!

As a youth I experimented with tri-polarity, then went berserk with multi-polarity... & eventually discovered unipolarity!

A unipolar brain does not view elements & entities as "high" or "low"/"good" or "evil"... only as closer to & farther from the Center, from Source, from One's Innermost Core. The closer to the Center, the clearer the transmission & therefore the perception. However, clarity isn't necessarily the "ultimate" virtue; the poet traffics in semantic ambiguity & soft-focus lyricism & often attains truth more organically & spontaneously.

Sacred geometry - or energetic-synergetic geometry as Buckminster Fuller called it - holds the key to the rudiments of multidimensional perception & consciousness whereby the notion of hierarchy itself swiftly fades into meaninglessness & irrelevance!

Azer Mantessa said...

"And only when I reach the highest form will I unite with Your spirit, giving me a glimpse of You and Your Greatness. And that would be my victory."

May the force be with you
Amin :-)

art harun said...

Azer: Amin to all of us for that wish.

Antares: Bro, I wouldn't even try to flatter myself by saying that I am knowledgeable enough to really fathom the complexity of what you are saying. But to my mind, the "centric" or "inner core" thesis bear stark resemblance to the movement from a "low" to a "high" point, don't you think? It is just that in the centric/inner core, the movement is lateral, from the edge of a circle towards the core or centre rather than the verticality of the movement from a low point to a higher point. We could than be talking about the same thing.

jonno1951 said...


How profound. I would expect nothing less from you. Almighty's blessings on you

Sumay said...

Art, profound as always. I have always found the school of Sufism both comforting and beautiful.

LAT, Ipoh. said...

Indeed i found you are Spiritually Strenghten with Divine Guidance from the "One High Above" ! May you continue to be armed Divine Discernment and Truth.

God Bless !

LAT,Ipoh. said...

...armed "with" Divine Discernment and Truth.