Thursday, June 14, 2007

In Praise of Vitagen

I grew up with Vitagen. I have been drinking this stuff since I was that high. That's right. It was right there during some of my earliest childhood days in kindergarden. It came on certain days and on those days, I would always wait in anticipation for the Vitagen truck to play its merry tune as it pulled into the compound. Then there was the mad rush for the truck. There was really no reason to rush but I guess when you're that young you just ran everywhere. Back then my favourite were the 'white' and 'purple' ones. If my mom forgot that I just liked those and bought a whole bunch, I'd just drink the rest first and save those for the last. These days I like 'em all except the apple green one. It has a sharper taste to it which I don't quite like.

I've tried the other brands as well - Yakult, and others (forgot what their names were), but either out of habit, or taste, I keep coming back to good ol' Vitagen. There was one line however that I did like - I forget who was the manufacturer - but they had a mango taste. I really liked that one and I think it was quite popular as well because every time I went to Tesco they were sold out or there'd be two or three packs sitting miserably on the shelf and I'd swipe them all. But now they've terminated the line for some reason or other. What a shame, I thought. I liked that crap and sure had a hard time getting some myself so it must be popular right?! Ah well. So yeah, aside from that no other brands really.

Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd, I salute you! Tabek sekali (to actually do the salute too).

And dump the apple and go with the mango.

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