Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Keep it in.

If we can think angriest most evil of thoughts does that make us evil? One may be tempted to agree with this statement. After all, if one could think it, one could most certainly do it. And it is but a short step from one to the other. Is it not?

But then let us consider it more carefully. Can mere possession of thought or comprehension of evil necessarily mean that one is evil? If that were true then so many of us could be considered evil. Most of us would have caught an action packed, horror or adventure movie or read some book where there isn't some kind of some manifestation of evil with some meaningless killing or treachery involved. If people could come up with this stuff and we pay to watch or read it then we all must be evil. That proposition is therefore absurd and most certainly cannot be true.

So exposure to evil and even thinking about it clearly does not result in immediate and thoroughly complete corruption. Evil requires more than just thought, it requires action to the fullest manifestations of those wicked thoughts. Murder as an example. It is basically the wilful premeditated killing of another human being (euthanasia type scenario excluded). It does not get much more evil than this. Perhaps some of us at some point or other in our lives may fantasize about doing someone in just for the hell of it. However, that does not necessarily mean we want to do it. or dare do it. That is merely using our imagination, perhaps in a constructive way even.

And in a way, by not acting out our evil thoughts each of us are containing the evil that could be unleashed out there in this world. Keep it in.

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