Friday, March 23, 2007

When the rain comes a-fallin'...

Synonymous with rain, the landslide will come. And the latest is in Putrajaya! Yerp... yerp... rite... there was a landslide in the ultra modern new capital designate of Malaysia... PUTRAJAYA! The city without the traffic jam (ya rite... no traffic jam 4 years ago!). The city with the modern transportation system (erm... where ar?). The city which houses all the government departments/ministries whatever. The city with not enough parking lots for the masses! And now, the city with the landslide.

Fortunately this time, no life was lost. Only some cars were damaged. And about a thousand people having to be evacuated from their homes. The PM, as expected, was surprised. And he has done the best thing which he could do... asked for reports. Yes yes... report please. Putrajaya Holdings... this is the PM...please prepare a report. IKRAM, this is the PM... please prepare a report.

Well well... how many FUCKIN' reports must there be on landslides before we will ever fuckin' gonna learn? Pardon my French, but I am feeling like a French guy the day after Waterloo here. Highland Tower happened in what, 1994? How many reports have been prepared, read, re-read, visit, re-visited, dissected, discussed, absorbed, thought about and forgotten since then? What is the plan my man? The P.L.A.N!!! What are we going to do about these landslides which have occured with alarming frequency dragging with them millions of dollars of damage and not to mention the lost of lives? Aren't there enough friggin' reports already for us to come up with a definite and exhaustive plan to prevent this from happening again? Why aren't we proactive rather than reactive on an ad-hoc basis? One landslide here...okay...we prepare report here and see what we can do to solve the problem here. One landslide there and we prepare report there and we will see what we can do there. Hello, reports are about landslides which HAD occured! What about landslides which are going to happen or could happen? What are we going to do about those?

Okay, I have to stop now. My assistant just walked in with a report...


Fahri said...


I'm going to report you to the reporters and then do a report on that. Chuckle.

I bet nobody reads those reports. They are probably just coloured people with lots of empty white pages in the middle. Props to hold up at the press conference to show something was done.

Slip sliding,


Fawzy said...

Middle ages stuff, they want to cut an entire hill in UK heights and kill bambi in the process, and it looks like some big biz developer (whom I shall not mention) has managed to get it approved. As far as landslides go, they never learn.