Saturday, April 19, 2008

ey, u wan dlive fuss one ah?

U wan dlive fuss one ah, u must eat fuss one wor becaw ah, u eat fuss one ah, u get more the power one, more better one your car, vely fuss one your car go. U cum behing the posheay ah, the bugger tekan n tekan n tekan u kno, but u oso tekan n tekan one, your go leally fuss one, den ah, u tekan sumore ah, your car jes fry pass the porshey wor, if u eat dis one la. Dis one ah, u leally must eat one. It not flom maraysia one, flom flance sumore. I hear ah, even det char kuey zey oso eat did one woh...det y ah he can mally that nice blooney...coz ar, he eat dis ah, he got more better power wor...rong rive flance...

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