Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quack Quack Rice: Ducky Star (Ah Beng Style Review)

Hey ma-hai! You looking eat nice ducks misters? Haha, I know where you can find damn nice duck. And when I say duck one I don't mean the duck to fuck one ho. This proper duck can eat eat properry after roast one. I know, I know you looking long time to find good duck. I oso. Semua tempat I go cari one. But then usually ha the duck in Malaysia is like tiu nei ama ga chow hai ah. Not like the Four Season at Bayswater at London where Ah Fatt and Ah Wong work as waiter last time when they go there irregarry but then kena deported after they got caught for irrega woking. Fleshy and tender like the white woman in Engrand, but also taste good like young Chinese virgin that no yet poke one.

Most of time duck in Malaysia is my friend Ah Kong say fuck luck duck cos it suck suck. Most of time the fuck luck duck suck suck always scrawning, salty and fuckers here also no know how roast one. One time I eat, so salty my mouth until suck inside wor. Tiu nei ama. Lucky that time I eat, Ah Meng not there. He big tai-kor. If you serve him fuck luck duck suck cock he wew crush the uncer's balls if serve that kind of fuck luck duck. So many place I go alleady, all chinky chinky one also no find. Klang also no have nice one! Wah lan ney.

Then one day my Malayu friend call me go eat runch ror. She said really this the best duck in whow wide word one, rike internet! She say so good that is rike fuck duck luck. So good meh I say. She said, if I not like she buy me chicken to eat, but actuarry not eat one chicken eat one lor. He he. You know what I mean lah ha. So I said if like that okay lor. So you know where we go ah? Posh hotel oh. Impewal Hotel on Jalan Sultan Ismail there got one China restaurant calls Celestial Cork. Damn posh one lah. The China waitress wear nice clothes and the slit not up to the waist one and no 'specia' order one. She order some dim sum first lah but I focus on the duck only lah cos that what I go there for what. Whaffor eat eat so much other thing.

So anyway duck come. Wah lan neh, then I also feel like want cum. She order one duck for us to eat and we whack lor. Whack whack whack until cannot eat. But really lah the duck is like fuck duck luck one wor. The duck so fleshy, and kau kau tasty one. And then cooking also quite kan cheong ah, he know how to roast so the skin also crisp with a bit of fat cringing to it... wah damn syiok. The duck so nice and tender until you thanking you ducky star wor. Ha Ha. Rike Mad donna. So if you want to eat good duck rice, I suggesting you come here. Damn nice. After I eat already felt so tired and sleepy cannot go KTV also after that. Can lah, not say cannot go but then waste money only lor. So if want eat fuck duck luck duck rice, you come Celestrial Cock. Sure no lie one. Quack Quack. Ha ha ha.

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art harun said...

Me oso ar rike dark lice so vely murch wor...peking dark, shanghai dark wutever arr me bantai kaw kaw wor. Lame dark me no rike la...that one for UMNO members ony la.
This Celestial Cork ar...the waitless arr...wear nice law sirlk clothes one...but no slit cum ar?