Monday, May 12, 2008

6 reasons why I do not like to refuel my car

I wish my car can refuel automatically.

Imagine how much time you can save when you don't have to go to the petrol station to refuel your car. I really hate going to petrol stations.

First, I have to allocate some time to go to petrol stations for refuelling purposes. My car usually becomes dry at the most inappropriate time, when I am busy, sleepy, tired, rushing to go to work, catch a movie, appointments, dates etc etc and at the most inappropriate place, which is a place where the closest petrol station is more than 1km away. For instance, there are no petrol stations on the way from Pantai Dalam to KL. Sure I can always make a turning to Bangsar but I want something along the way and not when I am almost in KL, at a petrol station near Menara Tan & Tan, wishing helplessly that my car will not go dead on me!

Second, these stations are normally out of the way from both my house and office. It was okay before because there were three petrol stations before I reached my house. Now, if I wanted to refuel after work, I might as well wait until the next day. There are no petrol stations at the new KL-Putrajaya highway and NPE. When I get home, no petrol stations either! I have to turn all the way to the road on the way to my house and straight ahead for the far away U-turn. That's a waste of fuel!

Third, I do not like the smell of petrol and somehow every time I refuelled, the smells linger for about half and hour or so. The only way to let out the smell is to wind down my car windows but that will opened me up to other dangers, the mat rempit might grab my handbag or molest me! OK, the odds of that happening are small but winding the car windows may invite other forms of nuisance inside the car like smoke and heat.

Fourth, I have to walk to the main to pay for my petrol. Sure I can pay by credit card but I have made a point that I shall not pay by credit card. Credit cards are for shopping and other emergencies. Some petrol stations have attendants at the island where you can pay to them without walking the 1 minute walk to the main. Hm.. okay lah this is alright, at least I don't have to sweat myself by walking to main just to pay for my petrol.

Fifth, after I finished refuelling, I have to drive out from the petrol stations and they are usually located at busy roads and I find it difficult to get out. Besides, the moment I refuel, I have this feeling that I am letting other cars that were behind me go ahead. I feel like at the moment I am back on the road, I have to start all over again.

Sixth, is what I hate the most because after the fifth day of my last refuelling, I have to go to the petrol station again for refuelling. I did a quick research on fuels. If I bought the more expensive fuel and not speed, it could last me for 7 days if I do not go anywhere else besides my office. The normal petrol will last about 5 days, if I decided to gallivant, it would last for 3 days. If I decided to go home to JB, I have to refuel twice ,once before I hit the highway and another when I want to drive around JB. The amazing thing about JB is that I need not refuel for 8 to 9 days because everywhere is so near.

I am just lazy and it will be nice to have someone who can refuel my car and maintain it for me. I just want to drive.


JC said...

I love the smell of petrol but it is filling up the tank that I am not happy about - with the price of petrol.

art harun said...

I am okay with refuelling, which I normally do once a week. I always do it on a Friday, on the way back home, because that is the day my car would run dry. Unless of course it is not a normal week, where I have to travel more than usual. Refuelling is okay. I don't need to walk to pay because I have a fuel card. Get one of this. Very convenient.
The thing which I hate however, is .... jeng jeng jeng.... filling air into the tyres. Yes. I just hate that!