Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Boring Introduction

Lawyers write a lot. Corporate lawyers have to draft long but nobody reads unless there is a dispute agreements and litigation lawyers write long affidavits and submissions to the opposite party. In between, they write opinions and articles where again, nobody can comprehend. At least, I don't.

If you think that all these writing and stuff make them more creative, nah ah I don't think so. I am just focusing on lawyers here because these days, most of the articles I read are written by lawyers or at least what I am about to write is more apparent amongst lawyers. Except for some, I normally hate these articles, especially the introductions.

The article maybe heavy with knowledge, helpful and interesting blah, blah, blah but an introduction that starts with a definition will normally give you the feeling that what you are about to read is nothing more than a vomit.

If you do not believe me, tell me how many times have you read a legal article that did not start with the phrase "It is an establish legal principle", "It is an established law", " It is almost settled proposition" In the case of so and so" or "section 4 of the Lazy to think Act 1840 states". I believe the answer is not many, at least to me.

Agh..... Why, Why Why? I think a 12 year old can write better introductions. I cringe every time I have to read an article that starts like that.

While we cannot judge an article by the introduction, an introduction is still an invitation to read. Some may write the introduction last but that does not matter, an introduction creates the first impression of the writer to the reader. It is almost like saying hello to someone you just met, you quickly take a good look of his face, clothes etc and make up an opinion whether you will like this person or just throw him off the friend's shelves. Things can go awfully wrong just from the way you say hello. The same with articles, a boring introduction might throw people off and since they don't read, you never get your message across. What a waste of effort then.

Fine, write whatever you want, show everybody that you are smart and know lots of stuff in law but introductions like that made me wonder whether you are lazy. Does not matter if the rest of the article states otherwise, you bore me already like I am bored with myself, right now. No particular reason, I just started this with a boring introduction.


animah said...

The picture makes up for your boring introduction.

As a lawyer, I've had to fight hard the lawyerish words that come through when I'm trying to write creatively.

My playwriting sifu said my scripts were too didactic. People don't talk like that she said. I stared back - well lawyers most certainly do. Then the cold hard truth struck me, nobody, other than lawyers, are interested in what lawyers have to say.

art harun said...

In my case, even lawyers are not interested with what I write, or say! Case in point is my ex wife! :)

Anonymous said...

hmm u should keep "boring" to yourself and not thrust that upon us. Please go and bore others in your own blog as your contribution here has certainly downgraded this snazzy blog. The ratings have dropped ... snooze time.... zzzzz.....

Ryn said...

Hi Anonymous,

Actually you are right.This is not a good article. It is boring.

This started as a great idea ( or so I thought) but as I was writing it, it didnt turn out to be one.

I decided to publish it anyway, for reasons that I could not comprehend. I regretted that decision and told myself to delete but then totally forgot to do so.

When I came here again today, I saw the comments and thought, hmm.. perhaps I was being too hard on myself and since ppl have read, I should just leave it. Then I came here again and read your comments.

Hmm.. you are not a very nice person. I don't like you but I agree that this is not a good article. I don't like it either.

And by the way, why are u anonymous? For someone who is so loud,you should not be hiding yourself. It defeats the purpose.

Anonymous said...

My supporter (who has been bored to tears with your writings) has willingly written a reply on my behalf :

It is not the topic you chose that is boring but your style of writing. Daef can write about brushing teeth and makes it sound so fascinating. What I'm saying is that you are out of your league here. You are not even qualified to be a bosun on this ship.

I'm not being mean for the sake of being mean. I am venting my frustrations at you simply because when I click onto this blog, I am assured of being entertained by these fellas no matter what they choose to write about. Then there was a long silence where no one posted anything new. Out of the blue I click and find some posting on Petrol Stations. I didn't need to scroll down to know that it was not the usual 3 bloggers I was used to reading. The writing style is just like any other Joe Blogs (pun intended) from other Blogs. When you posted another boring piece, knowingly giving it it's rightful title, I couldn't keep quiet anymore.

It is irrelevant who I am because this is not personal. I don't know who you are or who the others are. I am just voicing what other people are too nice to tell you. Criticisms on a piece of writing/art are meant to improve the author/artist if the author/artist is willing to self reflect. Going on the defensive and playing the victim just shows that you don't take yourself seriously as a writer and that you are just writing to garner attention and to look cute. That's why I proposed that you write in your own personal blog where you can post your own cute pictures and write about trivial stuff in your special style of making it more mundane than it already is.

Actually I blame the person who invited you to contribute to this Blog. A jeweller who is a master craftsman would not put plastic stones together with precious gems on a piece of jewellery. It would be similar to looking at a woman with a beautiful face - with a perfect nose, beautiful eyes etc but she has a festering sore at the side of her face. Everyone is distracted by the plastic stones and the festering sore that they cannot see the real gems and the beautiful face. Your postings have the same impact on this Blog.

Anyway, I'm sure you will have countless friends rallying to your defense, telling you what a great writer and riveting person you are. So my opinion of your writing should not mean anything to you. I have no opinion of you as a person because I do not know you.

The next time you watch the audition for American Idol, please observe those people who are under some misguided impression that they can sing well - because they grew up with friends and family who keep telling them that they can sing. Then they lash out at Simon, calling him a bastard just because he tells them the truth.

Here's hoping that I don't have to read anymore of your drivel on this otherwise great blog! And you can call me Simon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon/Simon,

At the outset, I must thank you very kindly for your very generous praise of Anoo, Art and my humble offerings and am thoroughly happy and surprised that you take enjoyment them.

Since you have laid blame for this piece on the person who invited her to this blog, then it is me to be blamed. I readily confess to being no master jeweler and would implore you to be a little more forgiving of Ryn's postings as she may be with us for the time being. I just hope in time the quality of her writing would be to your satisfaction :)

In the meantime, thank you for reading and more thanks for taking the time and trouble to post your comments. It is much appreciated.