Thursday, June 12, 2008

Other thoughts on Love

Some people think that it is enough to be in love with someone and for that someone to love us back. That finding someone to love is the hard part. That once you have achieved that the rest is supposed to take care of itself. That the intensity of love for each other is the most important. That its riding into the sunset from there on. As with all things that are supposed, it is not like that.

A very important component left out of the common idea of love is learning and understanding how to love someone. Each person has a unique way they need to be loved. Some need to be seized by their lover and die in their arms. Some need to be teased playfully. Some need to feel the heat of jealousy. Some need to be in complete agreement. Some find contentment with a peck on the cheek once a day.

Whatever that way be, you must find it. Your love depends on it. Once you have found it, possess it and walk upon it so often until it is only you that travels upon it. On doing this would you would be able to discover, identify and turn out any brigands upon it. If you do not find their way of love, then your love will not be able to reach your lover's heart. Your impoverished lover would be damned to only seeing your love as if through a bulletproofed window, unable to feel its heat, from the outside looking in.

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Deux Anges said...

Nicely put, but this entry seems to be working from the point of reference where you have already found someone to love, and more importantly, one that loves you back. Perhaps this is a sign of my state of mind, but I have begun to characterise this type of world view as "old aunty" thinking. The type of people that are always asking me "Why haven't you got a girlfriend?" or "When are you going to get married and settle down?". As if finding a partner was a simple matter of going to Isetan and picking one up off the shelf.

You can love someone so much and maybe even know how they want to be loved, but if they do not feel the same about you, it's moot.

One begins to wonder after a while whether it's worth the effort at all. If someone loves you, they will regardless of your deficiencies. For better for worse, etc, etc... If they do not, then it doesn't matter what you do. You could be the best thing to come along since Kajang Satay but that won't make a jot of difference.

OK, that's my little diatribe over. Just needed to get that off my chest. Do not adjust your set. Normal service will resume shortly.