Friday, June 13, 2008

The unintended effects of the technological revolution

Technology makes the difficult convenient. And then makes the convenient effortless. To the point it becomes shameful. Allow me to illustrate for you what I mean, let's take my Ipod (Classic, 160GB if ya has to knowtz), Teri. Now, Teri tells me she has 9576 items on her at the moment which guarantees me 59.5 days straight worth of entertainment. There is going to be virtually no repeat of any of that entertainment either. And all that takes up a mere 46GB off Teri (which means I've got another 120GB of entertainment goodness to go!). She's hardly breaking a sweat! Just look at her. Still looking, all slim and sexy. mmm... I love it when she wears her skin tight outfit. Oh baby, who's your... uh, sorry about that. If you had your own Teri, you'd understand. Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, Teri has more ways than a real pro of of keeping me entertained. First there's what she's also renowned for - it's music playing capabilities and podcasts. If that doesn't do it for you, she can play movies and video for ya know on her bigger bust. She's built for widescreen too. So damn considerate Apple is. And if all that is just too much for you, there's also photos storing and viewing capabilities. You can also hook her up to an AV system and have her do a full blown presentation on a wall. And if you like to fondle your Teri a lot you can also play the games they give as courtesy like: iPod Quiz, Klondike , and Vortax.Okay, I know it sounds like I'm trying to pimp my Teri but that ain't it. Na'ah. Not my baby!

But the point I'm trying to make here is the numerous ways this gadget can keep us occupied by entertaining us visually and aurally. And you can take her any where. Even your mama won't mind. And when I mean anywhere. I mean, I could now do all these things while I'm taking a shit, or discreetly when I'm in the middle of a boring family dinner (okay your mama may mind on this one), or when perhaps I'm lying down in the back of a car or in the middle of the jungle (if your battery lasts).

Now any 'loose' time can be entertained. You shall never be bored. You shall never be without opportunity to occupy yourself. Entertainment is a click away. As long as the battery lasts, anyway. And now more and more phones are being able to do this. My Mobile/PDA Phone can do all this. I can play a movie off Teri's SD Card. Some cars ICE (that's In-Car Entertainment) can do that too. In the future maybe you could play it off your stomach or your girlfriend's arse (if it's large enough). Can you just imagine how far we've come from the past when we used to live in caves, draw pictures of hunters and mammoths on its walls, shit at a big tree 20 meters from our cave and make stone flints? Damn far! If you think it's not far enough hand me that 3000 word essay of yours. What I'd really like to know though is what they must think of us, if they could comprehend us.

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