Sunday, June 1, 2008


As I am talking to the man. So I am talking also to the man he was, the man he wants to be, and the man he is. Most often they are in unison, in thought and deed.
But when they are asleep. Then emerges the man they cannot help but be. The man they try so much to hide. The man they cannot explain.
And sometimes I talk to him too. He is the most honest of them all.
He and me are not so different from you and I.
I told him I wished I could be more honest with myself.
He just smiled.


art harun said...

This, i must say, is frighteningly awesome! Other than that, I don't know what to say.
Frankly, I like it as it is. But then again, I am a simpleton! :)

the Anomaly said...

Something that is not grammatically correct does not make it any less brilliant. And most things that are grammatically correct are not brilliant in content.

And I thought this is an anonymous blog where the bloggers write under a pseudonym....