Tuesday, June 17, 2008

warning: cheapskate crossing!

I mean, wtf? One of the richest man in Malaysia. Owned an airline. A cheap flight airline, albeit. Owned a hotel line. And yet he enjoys 75% discount on economy seats and 50% discount on business and first class seats from MAS. Like, duh? Fucking cheapskate!

What? Just because he runs a cheap-flight-no-frill airlines, he would be entitled to cheap flights from other airlines also, is it? What about me? I don't get finking discount from MAS. Why? Because I don't look like a cheapskate in my jeans and a fucking red cap, is it? Fuck you!

And to the shithead in MAS who granted this character Tuney Fernandez the privilege of these discounts, are you out of your blinking mind? You should be tied up to a kitchen table, stretched, disemboweled and quartered! You fucking moron. Discounts should be granted to poor people. Not rich people. They don't need it. Grasp the concept please.

What is wrong with Malaysia? And I thought only Singaporean are kiasu.


Shanmuga K said...

Aiyah .. chill lah Art!

Rich lawyers also, when they buy office from developer, developer's lawyer supposed to waive scale fees .... professional courtesy mah

Similarly, most airline staff enjoy discounts across other airlines as well, i think. Thats the way airlines work - you scratch my back, i scratch yours.

So removing the discount from Tuney is actually petty on the part of MAS!

And these fellas all got so rich by making sure they took advantage of all these discounts ;)

ewoon said...

Haven't you heard of the term "curry favour?"

All the discounts that the rich and powerful get, are upfront payments for favours to come. Think about it.

But there again, when have the rich and powerful ever done anyone any favour without demanding their disproportionate share of the curry, too?

It's all getting quite fucked up - let's just shoot the bastards!