Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Songpiracy

This may sound very cliche but I think it is neither the Djs nor radio stations that decide the songs on the airplay list. The master controller is the universe. The universe could sense how you feel and it conspires to send you messages as to console you when you feel down and lift your spirits up so that you do not give up.

Now, I am not a prophet but if I were one, I think I would be the only prophet who receives his "wahyu" from songs.

I believe that the universe communicates through songs that you listen to. The conspiracy part comes when a particular song started to play at the time when you need it the most. The fact that the DJ played it was just a coincidence. It is all part of a bigger picture, a conspiracy that you cannot solve.

If you did not believe me, just turn on the radio and start listening. I believe for messages to come accross, your mind has to work with your heart and sub- conscience. Sometimes you notice these messages but sometimes the wrong ones get sent.Then you realised that you just lost your mind. hehe. So you turn on the radio, listen to songs. Slowly, your thoughts swim, stroke after stroke, defying winds and cruel waves. You drift away then water started to lead, you struggled and when you cried for help, words from the songs you listen to started playing in your head. How they make you feel depends on you. If you listened to them wrongly, you would drown and listening right, you would swim.

I remember feeling very depressed a couple of years ago. Alright, so I am depressed by default but circa April to July 2005, I was really down, lower and deeper than anything else that is low and deep in this world. It was the most terrible feeling because I was heartbroken. Work too was no consolotion.

For the whole of that period, no song could pick me up. Rob Thomas' Lonely no more" became lonely. There was another song, about a guy who finally fell in love but only the words "even the best fall down sometimes" continued to play in my head. I cried when listening to Akon's Lonely and wondered why the stations like to play depressing songs.

Then my mum told me to try out and audition to be a DJ. I did and I think the auditioners knew that I was depressed. When told that I was going to introduce Rob Thomas' song, they kept correcting that the correct title is Lonely NO MORE and not lonely. They then asked whether I like Akon's Lonely, I did not give an answer so they started to dance to the song. I was too blur to notice but while driving home, I realised I was listening to all these songs the wrong way!

I never notice the effect of songs again until recently, more precisely since two weeks ago. I felt depressed again, not due to any matters of the heart but more towards fear and disappointment. Reality has finally set in at work and I was thinking of too many negatives.

So I turned on the radio and cried, not one but many many nights and all the time, many songs were played but only these words came flashing "No stress" and "whatever it takes". I suddenly felt dumb and started thinking about what I want to do. I turned on the radio and coincidentally, the songs were on the playlist again. Oh yes, universe I know what to do.

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the Anomaly said...

I believe there are no coincidences. Sometimes you switch on the radio and it is as if your "spiritual guides" or God (whatever you believe in) is sending you a message. I believe some songs are inspired by God. I really like this piece Ryn. Keep on trucking. Life is a struggle and working life is not easy. Do the best you can. When you stop trying to meet other people's expectations and start meeting your own expectations, then you may be happier with yourself and your life. Don't let other people tell you how much you are worth. Hope that helps.