Thursday, June 5, 2008

Royal Commissions

Mahathir Mohamad is at it again. He is obviously miffed to the bones at being singled out by the Royal Commission for his involvement in the Fix-a-Judge scandal. And so in true Mahathir fashion, he is now vomiting blood over the Royal Commission report, which in more ways than he could ever care to imagine, implicates him. Just check out his blog.

Of course, Mahathir Mohamad would not be Mahathir Mohamad if he is not sarcastic, sharp tongued and downright nonsensical. Why don't he just say what he actually wants to say, namely, he doesn't like Abdullah Badawi and his government for whatever reason, although I am sure the reasons have nothing to do with our nation's welfare or the people's interests. Why don't he just say that he thinks the Royal Commission was established by the present administration to smear his name. Or does he think that by saying such thing people might think he is paranoid? But then again, people who are afraid of their own shadows normally has very long shadows indeed. And this long and tall shadows (remember what Robert Plant say in Stairway To Heaven? - our shadows are taller than our soul!) follow these people everywhere, especially when these people are old and left counting the remaining days in which they could still afford to breath and smell the flowers and fruits of what they had so earnestly sewed in their earlier days.

What motivates Mahathir Mohamad, I often ask myself. Is he really fighting for the nation? For the people? Or is it just a case of a retiree who finds it hard to accept that he is now irrelevant, impertinent and almost impotent, in terms of the probative value of whatever he says or opines? Or does he have an axe to grind or an interest or interests to protect? Or is he fearful of the possibility of Anwar Ibrahim taking over the administration due to the weaknesses, perceived or real, of the present administration?

Whatever may be the cause and motivation of his actions, it is obvious that he has now gone completely bonkers! Reading his blogs, one would suspect that he is full of venom, raving and ranting at all things which have gone awfully against his hopes and wishes, just like some Philistines who had lost their plots of land to some Israelites. His blogs are only as good as some comical relief on a cold Monday morning, if ever Mondays could get that cold in Malaysia. They are incoherent, full of spats and spasms of personal vengeance masked as some neo-political-sociological statements which are in fact so Mahathiresque one should not even bother to waste one's precious tiny brain cell to read them, other than for the purpose of demeaning them in one's own blog! For, if ever there was one man who is so not credible, whose opinions are not worth the tiny little liquid crystal in the monitor on which they appear, Mahathir Mohamad is it. IT!

He is clutching whatever last straw he has in his possession. He went to Johor Bharu and then to Japan to stoke up racial sentiments. He appeared in BBC to maximise exposure of how blinkered a totalitarian could be and ended up raving and ranting about how the west has mistreated the east and how he, the father of all that is good, was only doing what was good for the country and her people. Well, in my eyes, Mahathir Mohamad, you are not worth the shit that I shyte every morning! And I am not sorry for saying that even if you are offended!

Now, you are asking, in your usual sarcastic style, for Royal Commissions be established to investigate on several matters involving the PM and his son in law. Well Mahathir Mohamad, while you are at it, why don't you ask for the establishment of Royal Commissions to investigate on the following matters:-

  • the termination of judicial powers of the court through a constitutional amendment done by your government which renders our judiciary a meek and lame pussy cat;
  • the termination of the powers of the Rulers and the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, also through a constitutional amendment done by your government ;
  • the Proton debacle : a company which was set up to produce our own cars cheaply with our own technology which was supposed to be transferred from Mitsubishi to Proton, a venture which has obviously failed miserably and spectacularly;
  • the Perwaja debacle;
  • the IPP debacle : how could licences be given to a group of people to produce power from whom TNB was and still is forced to purchase at a price higher than normal while the IPPs enjoyed a subsidised rate for gas supplied by Petronas;
  • the highway debacle : how highways concessions were given to some companies which make hundred of millions every year from collected tolls with government's allowance for almost yearly increment in tolls;
  • the Perkapalan/MISC/Petronas debacle : ask your son on this;
  • the Putrajaya debacle;
  • the MSC debacle;
  • the Memali debacle where tens of poor helpless old folks were killed by trained and heavily armed policemen;
  • the MAS/Tajuddin Ramli debacle;
  • the Amin Shah army boats debacle;
  • the Muhammad Muhammad Taib debacle;
  • the Anwar Ibrahim debacle;
  • the Pulau Batu Putih debacle;
  • the Operasi Lalang debacle;
  • the AP debacle;
  • the FOREX debacle;

There are a lot more matters which necessitate investigation actually. But I have run out of time. And patience. I could now feel the warmth of my blood through my veins, up to my brains, which normally, precipitates a serious migraine. Oh Mahathir Mohamad, why were you born so beautiful?


Ryn said...

Hah! I love the ending

Kris said...

Good grief man, don't hold back the punches!!! Your description is very apt, he has proven to be nothing more then a self serving miscreant but during his 2 and half decades of dictatorial rule reinforced all the more by an army of sycophants hardly any one spoke up and stopped his excesses. He was and is prepared to flush this country down the drain for no other purpose then to further his ends......Never was there altruism, patriotism or any higher cause other then Mahathir Mohamad himself.....

Loved the ending too :-)

Mary Walsh said...

Gosh you make my blogsite look positively boring ....I loved it as a spectator sport and good on you for apparently speaking "so bravely forthright"....Glen Eira Council in Victoria, Australia must be so grateful that they don't have you to contend with. I am a puppy by comparison!! Truthfully if your "in the face" comments is what it takes to "keep the bastards honest" then by all means keep on keeping on!!!

Mary Walsh

art harun said...

Dear Ms Walsh, thank you very much for visiting this humble blog, reading this piece and posting a comment. I am just a puppy too. But terribly uncouth one tho'. :) BTW, I don't think the Glen Eira Council behaves like our ex PM and thus it is not deserving of such "in your face" treatment. :) Feel free to browse this blog tho'... you might find something interesting. Thanks again.